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10 Reasons to watch M.A.D’s “A History of Butchers”

An attempted transcreation of Albert Camus’ “The Just Assassins” had its premiere on the 30th of July at Gyan Manch. Mad About Drama’s play ” A History of Butchers ” is set to perform again on the 3rd of February at the same venue as a part of The National Theatre Exchange Chapter-2. The audience members from the last two productions of this show simply couldn’t stop raving about this play, and the evening of the third offers nothing different.

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A History of Butchers is about a group of assassins, based in 1905 Russia. A non-linear narrative set against the background of a merciless dictatorial regime, the play has a lot to offer.

However if you are not quite convinced about the event, here’s a list which we added, which might just change your cynical mind.


Approaching semesters :


Exam fever, come to watch a play, A History of Butchers


Calcutta University’s first year students are set to answer their papers from the following month. In the other half of the universities, the mid-semesters are going to commence pretty soon. An interesting play, is sure to act as a respite to your exhaustion resulting from the late night revisions. If you are looking to snap out of everything, and concentrate on your preparations, well, this is the perfect place to get that last bit of delight, before going underground.


It’s a Camus play :


Camus' play


For any undergraduate pursuing any subject in Kolkata, the name “Albert Camus” is quite familiar. Partly owing to the fact that the “intelligentsia” of the city, has a particular liking for the great man, or maybe because Albert knows how to hit your sweet spot. The ones familiar with his works can confirm this statement. Even if you aren’t familiar with a play of his, A History of Butchers is a nice way to get acquainted with his features. Also the Brechtian fusion adds to the interest, and this play has incorporated many of the latter’s innovative features.


For the love of thrillers :

We have an unanimous inclination towards books, and other works of artform which follow the genre. The shocking relevations, the nail biting suspense adds naturally to our psyche. Mad About Drama’s play, A History of Butchers, is RESPLENDENT with the thrilling elements.


A fresh take on the concept of assassins :


10 assassins

Some romanticise it. Some abhor it. To each his own, but what essentially comes out of the big picture is that, we take a particular interest in things which are uncommon, gory, and mysterious. A play which follows the lives of five assassins, is sure to be intriguing.


Vivartana by Stage for Change :


A History of Butchers


Along with Mad About Drama’s ” A History of Butchers “, Stage for Change is all set to deliver a dance performance as the opening act on the 3rd of February. If you’re a fan of the artform, Stage for Change, a group comprised of youngsters from all over the town, has a lot to offer in terms of their talent, and potential. Launched just a few months ago, Stage for Change has already become a household name in the younger performing arts circuits of this city. Their past performances have wonderfully depicted the fresh and beautiful content that they’ve to offer. Find out their mettle, and treat yourself to some wonderful fusion on the evening of the 3rd.


The Season :

Winter is the season of delicious dinners, since you don’t have to worry about indigestion from the extreme heat. Winter is that time of the year when you can hang out comfortably without the dreaded exhaustion and the sweat which follows in the hot summer evenings.

What better time to treat yourself to some enthralling performances after a cup of coffee, or a nice supper?


The Newbies :

Colleges just recently took in their fresh batch of students, who come from various other parts of the country. Some of their cities do not have an active theatre circuit, curbing them of the priviledges we Calcuttans enjoy. If you are looking to blend into the life of this city, do come down to experience the rich cultural dignity we boast of. Just to get an insight into the way a part of this city functions, maybe?


The Newbies part II :


A play in Broadway


“Theatre is an intellectual affair, which I don’t think I can be a part of”

This stereotype has harmed the theatre in this city in more number of ways one can think of. Much of the movements that this group has embarked upon is to bridge the gaps between the alleged intelligentsia, and the plebeian branch of this society and unite them in their love for theatre. If you aren’t an avid theatre goer; or the extreme, if you haven’t seen a play till date; Don’t worry. This play caters to all. Who knows whether you might encounter your new passion?


The National Theatre Exchange – Part 2 :


National Theatre Exchange


The last edition of The National Theatre Exchange happened in April, 2016, with AmyGo Productions coming down from Mumbai with their play “The E.Q”, and Mad About Drama’s “With Love Calcutta” showing Kolkatans their theatrical prowess.

This time, it’s the very reputed Natak Company from Pune with their take on the objectification of women in Bollywood through “ITEM”. Three performances – and two very memorable evenings.


The Reviews :

Word of mouth is the strongest PR strategy. We are attaching some screenshots of reactions from some of the audience members present on the day of the premiere. These will help!





A few more days to go. Contact your friends, take your partners out for a date, ask for a treat from your parents, and do try to reach Gyan Manch by 5:30 on the 3rd of February. Your time, and your money will be spent wisely. You can call up 9851716039 for the tickets.

See you there!

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