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Rain in the City of Joy Culture 

Rain in The City of Joy

Unlike other cities, the City of Joy doesn’t come to a standstill when there is a torrential downpour. Instead, the joy is doubled, because nothing beats the gastronomic delight of “gorom gorom khichudi and begun bhaja”. The rains can bring out the footballer in anyone, and wet and muddy football matches suddenly become the order of the day as the sun loses its unequal battle with the clouds. Children set their paper boats a-sail on the waterlogged alleys and engage in euphoric splashes at each other from the puddles on…

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….And they lived happily ever after

That’s what fairytales tell us about love- A happily ever after! A mushy love story with a perfect ending in a world of make-believe fantasy…. But what they don’t tell us is that this “love” may not be the one about which several symphonies were conjured. This love may be different, without a specific tag. Love may not come to you as a gift for a lifetime, it may not be the “forever” kind of love or the “we are made for each other” kind of love. Love may happen…

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Cersei : Fair is Foul and Foul is Fair

Up until recent years, if you would ask anyone updated with pop culture, who the supervillain in the history of entertainment is, you’d probably unanimously receive the reply “The Joker”.This was until George RR martin came along, took that as a challenge, and gave life to one of the many brilliant characters he created- Cersei Lannister , the woman who has surpassed all stereotypes revolving a female villain in history, given the recent events that have taken place in Westeros and fictitious world of Game of Thrones. She takes “fair…

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