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Christmas and Calcutta Culture Featured Society 

Christmas and Calcutta

There goes a saying among devout Bengalis, ‘Bangali’r baaro maashey tero parbon’; which when translated essentially throws some light on how much the Bengalis love embracing and celebrating festivals since time immemorial. Be it Durga Puja, Holi, or even Eid, if there is a festival, Bengalis shall celebrate it with full fervour. And in keeping with the jubilant Bengali souls and their love for festivities, how can the Yuletide spirit be left behind? Consequently, Christmas and Calcutta go together. If we look back on history, we’ll see that Christmas became…

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Culture Featured Society 

Deconstructing The Nuances of Fandom Culture

In the contemporary marketplace of popular film and media, with its strong reliance on adaptations of comic book superheroes, best-selling young adult novels, and decades-old television shows, the concept of fandom culture becomes something of a complex, hybridized connection between fan consciousness, nostalgia, and the life extension of contemporary studio– and producer-driven media. Being a fan in this generation entails subscribing to a cult, that digs its roots among similar demographics all around the world, a community of like-minded individuals with a strong passion for a popular sensation. Now with…

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Why Trump’s locker room talk is injurious to everyone

“This was locker room talk ,” Trump said in Sunday night’s Presidential debate. “ This was locker room talk. I’m not proud of it … This was locker room talk. Yes, I’m very embarrassed by it, and I hate it, but it’s locker room talk.” Out of the many outrageous things that the latest Presidential debates brought to the surface, was this phenomenon called ‘ the locker room talk .’ This phenomenon, as understood from the connotations of Trump’s justification to his lewd statements, is a case of macho-masculinity; for in…

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AFSPA Featured Politics Society 

The Irony of the Largest Democracy – AFSPA?

The violent carnage in the Kashmir valley has long been the unrelenting target of a brand of macho-patriotism being exercised by the Indian nationals for decades, an unending series of morbid episodes unfolding to reveal our daily dose of bloodshed and death. It is clear that the national government is unprepared to give up on the much debated AFSPA just yet, wistfully deluded by the notion that only an act so vicious can be effective in safeguarding the valley and stamp out any resistant force that threatens them. Hence they…

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Urdu… Poetry In Language

If we look into the meaning of the very word ‘Urdu’, we find its Turkish origin means ‘camp’ or ‘army’, because of its predominance among army-men (‘Lashkari Zuban’ or ‘the language of the army’). It is a beautiful blend of Persian, Turkish, Arabic and local Hindi dialects and is known to be one of the origins of Hindi, and has a reputation for fascinating non-Urdu speakers for years. My first tryst with Urdu was when I was four or five and my mornings were intricately touched with the ornate tune…

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Inbox Culture 

In a conversation with Saintbrush

As a part of Mad About Drama’s latest production ‘A History of Butchers’, Saintbrush presents to the city, ‘Inbox’, a performance poetry event to be staged at Gyan Manch on the 5th of August. Here we have Moyurie from ExPRESS Magazine, in a conversation with Reya Ahmed, co-founder of Saintbrush and Dishani Roy, one of the performers of ‘Inbox’. Moyurie: How was the idea for a site like Saintbrush conceived? Reya: Saintbrush wasn’t always a website. We started Saintbrush with a completely different and bizarre name back in November. It…

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