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Why is Incest a global taboo Culture Featured Society 

Why is Incest a Global Taboo?

A few years ago I came across a piece of news which disclosed the unconventional relationship between a Zimbabwean widow and her son. Apparently, after her husband’s death, the lady had been pregnant with her son’s child and the couple was planning to get married in the due course of time. Furthermore, what also did not escape my notice is the indignation on social media about the entire saga.  Social taboos have always made me question its validity. Incest happens to be one of the society’s most sacred and close-guarded…

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Racism in football Culture Society Sports 

Racism in Football : No dark brains in the game?

It is no secret that racism has been an abhorrent part of football for ages. Though a number of measures have been taken to ameliorate the situation over the past three decades, there still exists a key indicator which corroborates the fact that racism in football is still omnipresent. The football model followed in the United Kingdom certainly testifies to this – There are barely any dark-skinned coaches or managers employed at the highest levels of football. The Premier League doesn’t have any dark-skinned individual in the managerial role and…

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sexual savagery involving the youth Culture Society 


In less than a year, I have read about a plethora of incidents on social media, narrating stories of abuse, exploitation, molestation and even rape. I am sure I’ve read more but for some overt reason, there are two incidents that haven’t escaped my mind. Both incidents revolved around sexual savagery involving the youth from the ages 18 to 24. All involved students were part of some of the most prestigious institutions of the city. Although I do not know most of these people personally, but courtesy to the social…

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catalysts of rape culture Culture Featured Society 

Catalysts of Rape Culture – Learn to avoid them

For a country which records around 25000 rape cases every year, the lack of awareness about rape culture and its triggering forces in India is quite alarming. As is the case in most states, Indians find it difficult to accept the presence of a deep-rooted rape culture prevalent in the nooks and corners of the country. Catalysts of rape culture constitutes the lack of awareness as well. The most clichéd arguments one gets to hear is: Not all men are rapists – Obviously, they aren’t; I can’t even think of…

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Culture Society Sports 

The History of Boxing day

No, Muhammad Ali wasn’t born on the 26th of December, neither did the fight of the century between Ali and Joe Frazier take place on this day – for the matter of fact, the day got to do anything with the pugilistic sport, yet, for some reason, the day is known as Boxing day in certain Commonwealth nations. Have you ever felt infuriated because you had to go to work on a holiday? Or, do you know anyone who holds a position which needs to be exercised even on a public…

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systematic abuse of cinematic power Culture Featured Society 

Systematic abuse of cinematic power- Bertolucci and his peers

Should a man be excused if he tries to manifest his artistic adroitness and in process conspires against a young woman and sexually abuses her? Should a man get away with a crime in the name of art? Yes, in this column I’m about to diatribe against the methods of Bernardo Bertolucci and the systematic abuse of cinematic power. In a recent revelation, Bertolucci has gone on record to claim – He along with Marlon Brando connived to deviate from the script and use butter as a lubricant while shooting…

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RB Leipzig German football Featured Sports 

A fairy tale in German football

In the years to follow, football fans, especially German football addicts, across the globe would reminisce the year 2016 with fond memories of some of the most unwonted fairy-tales and preposterous surprises. Leicester City’s maiden Premier League win against the odds of 5000/1 and Portugal’s European Championship win were the two highlights of the footballing calendar. However, that was not it. Another footballing anecdote is still being scripted as the year draws to a close – This time in the home of the world champions. A story which commenced only…

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