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Flavours of Ramadan Culture Featured Society Travel & Food 

Flavours of Ramadan – Around the world

Flavours of Ramadan: Since the holiest month of Islam is in harness, we thought of taking you through the culinary delicacies of Ramadan. A typical day for the one who keeps a roza starts with a meal followed by a strict fast until sundown when after the evening prayer, the fast is broken with a communal gathering to enjoy the Iftar feast. It is believed that Prophet Mohammad broke his fast by eating 3 dates. But fortunately, you don’t have to curb your appetite, because here is a list of…

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Sachin Featured Movies Sports 

A Billion Dreams – Sachin

In an age of biopics and feature films, it was indeed an interesting choice to pitch the story of Sachin as a docu-drama. Now before I get on to any details of the film, in 2 hours 20 minutes, the film entails the story of the man that is behind the legend Sachin Tendulkar, in a chronicle that compels us to plunge at the nostalgia of the man we love and adore the most, but disappointingly enough, the film fails to apprise the controversies and disputes that happened behind the…

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Satyajit Ray Apu trilogy Movies 

Satyajit Ray: A love letter to Art

“Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon” – Akira Kurosawa Art as a form and subject is an integration of impulses and consciousness. The main desire is to embark a conversation with the emotions of the viewer. In 1948, an unknown young man criticising Indian cinema and filmmakers for not grasping the new media, and fulfilling the purpose of the subject, wrote in a newspaper- “The raw material of cinema is life itself”. Few years down the…

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first queer pride walk of lucknow Culture Society 

A step towards independence: First Queer pride walk of Lucknow

Eighteen years ago, breaking all social norms and barriers, the city of Calcutta hosted the first queer pride walk in India. To think it was almost two decades ago feels a coon’s age has passed by, but a lot has changed over these eighteen years. The society has undergone a metamorphosis of pandemic and societal characters. But now truly the libertarians of this great nation can rejoice, as the First Queer pride walk of Lucknow was taken out on Sunday. The Awadh pride parade is the first of its kind in…

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MOAB strike on ISIS in Afghanistan Featured Politics Society 

How Twitter Reacted to the MOAB strike on ISIS in Afghanistan

On Thursday evening at 7 p.m. local time, the US deployed the largest ‘non-nuclear’ bomb in its inventory on an ISIS target in a remote part of Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. The MOAB strike on ISIS in Afghanistan was the first ever use of such a weapon in warfare. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer confirmed on Thursday that the US had dropped the GBU-43/B Massive Ordinance Air Blast Bomb, aka the “Mother of All Bombs” or “MOAB,” over the Achin district of Afghanistan. According to Spicer, the weapon was…

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Viola Davis, an inspiration Culture Movies Society 

Viola Davis, An Inspiration

What makes a real life fighter? Here is the stunning journey of Viola Davis: “I Have Stolen, Jumped in Garbage Bins With Maggots For Food” Dedicated to the beautiful and ever charming Viola Davis, an inspiration for millions – A night which ended with a caricature of the greatest order, the 89th annual Academy Awards certainly had its moments of blushes and plaudits. While the mainstream media turned its focus on the winners and the glam and thrill of the night, I would like to take couple of moments away…

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Culture Featured Movies Open Forum Politics Society 

Movie Review: Jolly LL.B 2

Jolly LL.B  2: REVIEW After the much critically acclaimed prequel to the film much was expected from ‘The State vs Jolly LL.B 2’ and it is fair to say, after watching the film, Akshay Kumar and co. did not disappoint at all. While the last installment dealt with a hit-n-run case, this one deals with the case of mistaken identity of a J & K terrorist. The film centers around Jolly a.k.a Jagdishwar Mishra, a BA LL.B (law-degree) graduate, who is struggling to establish himself among the quarters of the…

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Sufi Music - The Other Side of Islam Culture Featured Politics Society 

Sufi Music : The Other Side of Islam

The path of love is not an easy one, it is complicated and delicate, for it is the love rather than the fear of God that lies at the heart of Sufism, the other side of Islam. In an age where terrorism and anarchy hog up the news channels and hatred and condemnation creates fences among people, it is sometimes, music, which offers refuge to the innocuous people. Before anybody could insist Sufism as an Islamic dominant movement, I’d like to convey that music transcends all religion. It is beyond…

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Christmas delicacies around the world Culture Featured Travel & Food 

Christmas delicacies around the world

There we go again, it’s that time of the year again – bow, blizzard, carols, poinsettias and presents. And, food, of course. The festive season has arrived and diets and calorie headaches can now take the back seat. We all love great food, don’t we? And what better time to try out some new dishes than the time of advent. Here are some appetising Christmas delicacies around the world that will make you drool. Enjoy! Malta: Imbuljuta tal-Qastan     A traditional drink served after Midnight Mass on Christmas and…

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Amma - Jayalalitha passes Featured Politics Society 

Amma : The Iron Lady departs

It was 1989, when in a commotion in the Tamil Nadu assembly, led to a scrimmage between the DMK and the AIADMK supporters. The then CM of Tamil Nadu saw his assembly papers snatched from his hand and torn into pieces. To avenge the incident, a DMK supporter pulled and tore Jayalalitha’s pallu (saree) as she was leaving the assembly. She fell to the ground. But not her dignity. She swore that she wouldn’t return to the threshold of the assembly till she became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu….

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