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Brokeback Mountain at Academy Awards Featured Movies 

Most unforgivable decisions made at the Academy Awards

The 89th Academy Awards have come and conquered, of course with a stellar line of mistakes and mishaps thrown in for good measure. With the huge brouhaha over Moonlight and La La Land and the announcement that went wrong, terribly wrong, Academy Awards lived up to its full potential of providing us with dollops of entertainment and yes, needless to say, the disappointments. However, one might say that the entire case is subjective in content as people differ and so do their choices in films. Hence, this comes straight from…

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Culture Open Forum 

From the pages of a Pluviophile

Have you ever looked up and felt an adrenaline rush on seeing a blanket of black and grey cocooning the sky? Have you ever sat by your window, a book in one hand and a cup of steaming cocoa in the other, the steam mingling with the fog outside, the raindrops – a melancholic yet beautiful reminder of memories lost and gained? Have you also been overjoyed on feeling the first drop of rain hurtle towards the ground, an undeniable sense of urgency, an indefinable restlessness in doing so? Have…

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tomboy Open Forum Society 

From a Tomboy to make-up

The kohl was applied with great care, careful not to smudge the otherwise straight line or “skew” it up. They used to call it ‘collyrium’ back then, when Mohenjo Daro and Harappa were just two cities, yet to be reduced to a series of ‘cuts’ and ‘retakes’ and crocodiles swooshing in the air. Perhaps, this deliberation on the idea of beginning an article with kohl came from the fact that nowadays we have two distinct categories – one looking down upon the other in contempt. The first, generally being a self…

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