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Happily Ever After…?

None of us are unfamiliar to the promise of “happily ever after” trope of fairy tales, so much so that each tale is incomplete without its own happy ending. But it is such a doubtful phrase, and makes one ponder whether happy endings are in reality a myth or not: what exactly is this “happily ever after”? Under a veil of goodness, artful presentation and appealing dialogue, they are just dark, gruesome tales, full of evil stepmothers, hungry wolves and demure damsels in distress (along with suitable princes to kiss…

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The revised ICSE syllabus : What to expect from it

A couple of years ago, a particular meme had been doing the rounds on social media depicting the cryptic inner meanings we quintessentially associate literature to have: ‘Author: The curtains were blue.’ Teacher/Professor: The colour blue represents the author’s immense sense of depression and his inability to carry on.’ (Or something similar along those lines) When, in reality, perhaps the author only meant that the curtains were just blue, nothing more, nothing less. At that point, this meme could have just been dropped after a laugh at the flick of…

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Window Seat: A Reality Check

When one isn’t accustomed to flying very much, one is under an impression that the window seat is a corner of awe, one that holds a position of extreme importance and luxury. When booking seats, everyone would apparently be hoggling to grab the last remaining window seats lest they run out like movie tickets that would in turn mean a flying episode of utter depravity. One reason for this might be perhaps when you’re a child, your parents always granted you the window seat; and travelling with parents always ensured…

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Theme or Traditions? Looking back at this year’s Durga Puja

Another Puja came and went in the blink of an eye and the passionate Bengali spirit is left to mope once again for yet another year-long wait before the Goddess makes her descent again. This year’s Puja witnessed a bigger crowd than any other year, the sheer amount of which was much akin to the amassing of Lord Ravana’s demon army – resulting in equally bad traffic conditions, coupled with blinding LED lights strewn all over the city and blaring loudspeakers from each and every pandal- resulting in utter chaos…

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