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Things that should be banned in India following all religious sentiments

The 42nd Amendment to the Constitution of India enacted in 1976 amended the Preamble to assert that India was a secular nation. This meant that the State would not mingle with religious sentiments regarding its affairs, and all religious communities would be subjected to equal rights and laws. Yet the reality remains starkly different. In India, there is no universally applicable code of law; the concept of Personal Laws for Islamic communities prevails giving rise to many social problems like child marriage, polygamy and unequal inheritance laws. On the other…

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Racism against African students in the city

Indian society is rid with myriad social evils, and racial discrimination figures significantly in them. With growing communalism and intolerance, with hate crimes based on gender and religion and caste on a rise, it is hardly surprising that the African diaspora in the country would face rampant racial abuse and discrimination. The germ of mindless discrimination pervades all layers of society. Recent incidents around the country have shown that universities – traditionally considered a safe haven of learning and debate and free thinking – have now become a hotbed for…

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Vacationing in Puducherry Travel & Food 

Vacationing in Puducherry

An idea about vacationing in Puducherry usually conjures up an image of a quaint little beach town where life is slow and spirituality pervades the very air in the minds of people. Yet I could not have been more wrong in my expectations of the place. Pondicherry or Puducherry is a small coastal town in Tamil Nadu on the eastern coastline of India. The French East India Company built a township in Pondicherry in 1674 and established their headquarters there. The town remained under French control till 1954 when it…

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Towards individuality or homogeneity?

A study of the human condition has always been one full of surprises and paradoxes. More often than not, the seemingly mundane falls apart to reveal untold depth and complexity, while that which had shown promise turns out to be gravely disappointing. What a person does as part of a certain social setting turns out to be so different from what he might have done without the influence of his external environment. Nature and nurture are so intertwined in the personality of an individual that it becomes impossible to untangle…

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Sexualisation on the silver screen Culture Featured Society 

The Rampant Sexualisation on the Silver Screen

The year 2016 ended with a trail of nastiness in the world of Indian cinema. Director Suraj of the Tamil action-comedy film “Kaththi Sandai” starring Vishal and Tamannaah claimed that the Tamil audience wanted “glamour” in cinema, and he catered to such demands by making sure that his heroines always wore clothing over the knee. He smugly stated that the heroines could go explore their acting skills elsewhere; commercial cinema needed them just to be “glamorous”. This intensely crude and misogynistic remark left the industry rattled, with the actress Tamannaah…

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Remnants of a Withered Winter #2 – The Christmas Puppy

Express Magazine brings to you its first series of wintry delights, ” Remnants of a withered winter “. A double collection of winter stories and poems from the house and from the readers. We will be accepting entries till the end of this season. So, why don’t you scribble down those stories, and the unfettered emotions and send it to us fast?     The little boy trudged along the frozen walkway, his hands stuffed inside his large overcoat pockets. It was Christmas Eve, and the town was a picture in white….

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Kolkata flyover collapse Culture Featured Society 

Why do Indians have so many artificial disasters? Recounting the Kanpur accident

The recent Kanpur accident was one of the most horrific of it’s type in recent years. Fourteen coaches of the Indore-Patna Express derailed near Kanpur, turning the bogies into mangled blocks of metal. The accident left nearly 150 casualties, while over 200 people were reported to be injured. A routine journey to come home after many months, or the anticipated trip to a relative’s wedding turned out to be the last journey some of these people ever made. The Kanpur accident was not, however, a one-off disaster. It was actually the…

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Demonetization or Demonisation? : The Other Side

The debate over the relative advantages and disadvantages of the demonetization of 500 and 1000 rupee notes by Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been the talk of the nation ever since the policy was announced on the 8th of November. The measure, termed ‘draconian’ by most Opposition parties, was a bolt from the blue for the masses, and the shock effect has left the country reeling at its wake. The measure, ostensibly taken with the intention of clearing the country of black money, has been condemned by many as no…

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Depression : The new Monster under the bed

“It’s all in your head.” If there is one line that can completely break a person suffering from anxiety or depression, it is this oft-repeated casual dismissal of the problem. In South Asian countries, India being no exception, mental health problems have always been taboo. People feeling low are advised to get over it and go on with their lives. Any suggestion about seeking professional help is absolute sacrilege. After all, log kya kahenge! A prolonged state of desolation and apathy, depression is one of the most common forms of…

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