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Bad – Naam Shabana – Reviewed

Last week’s release PHILLAURI turned out to be so disappointing, that I refrained from reviewing it. While NH10 was a milestone for Anushka’s CLEAN SLATE Production, PHILLAURI turned out to be a wasted journey in a promising direction. Neeraj Pandey’s NAAM SHABANA is another let down from the B-town, giving a valid reason as to why millennials have moved in masses towards Hollywood.

While good Indian films fail to reach Big Banner or Distributors’ chamber, Hollywood movies are sweeping away the audience, thanks to the qualities of India’s big banners’ presentation. We only outscore the West on either Eid or Christmas.

After masterstrokes like A WEDNESDAY, SPECIAL 26 & BABY, Neeraj met with an injury in M S DHONI: The Untold Story, and with RUSTOM, the acclaimed director’s fame from Howrah, West Bengal almost decimated.

NAAM SHABANA is like the end to the goodwill earned the hard way.

Based on the character who had a powerful cameo in BABY, no doubt NAAM SHABANA was instigated by the success of Pink.  Now a producer, Neeraj welcomes by claiming over the story, the dialogues, and the screenplay in the opening credits, which proves to be so poor, that you will either leave the theater before the movie ends or will ask for a refund.

There is neither any heroism associated with the character nor anything in the script to pull you towards the edges. Director Shivam Nair portrays that only the likes of characters played by Taapsee Pannu and Akshay Kumar, with brains of the characters played by Manoj Bajpayee, Anupam Kher, and Danny Denzongpa, can go and accomplish any mission across the globe like a cakewalk, the magnitude of which will make the South Indian Film Industry blush. And every other RAW agent? NULLEY hain sab ke sab!

Extremely farcical and not even worth predicting, NAAM SHABANA will get a bad name (badnaam hona, I mean) for wasting your time and money.

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