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A Billion Dreams – Sachin

In an age of biopics and feature films, it was indeed an interesting choice to pitch the story of Sachin as a docu-drama. Now before I get on to any details of the film, in 2 hours 20 minutes, the film entails the story of the man that is behind the legend Sachin Tendulkar, in a chronicle that compels us to plunge at the nostalgia of the man we love and adore the most, but disappointingly enough, the film fails to apprise the controversies and disputes that happened behind the closed door of the Indian cricket team. Something which the curious public or even me for that matter was waiting for.

The film, being a docu-drama obviously has its fair share of actors playing the role of different names but mostly follows through the sequential recital of Sachin, and other characters including his wife and friends and numerous cricket players as well. On a hindsight, the film was an exhibit of all the incidents that the viewers might already know. Personally, after reading his autobiography (Sachin: Playing It My Way) three years back, i already knew some of the inside stories and episodes that have been reprised on the screen. But the way Director James Erskine portrays the story of the master blaster is worth exemplary.

But for me, the most meaningful moments in the film was when we learn about those little yet significant stories behind the closed doors. Most of which were exclusive video recordings from Sachin himself. One such moment is when he his seen playing with the one-year-old Sara, which is a very candid moment, he sticks his tongue out animatedly, and his adorable daughter vaguely imitates him. Moments like this make the film engaging and pleasant at the same time.

The film doesn’t reveal much about the controversies. Sachin refrains from giving out much on the match-fixing scandal of 1999. He does express his disappointment though. However, interestingly enough, he does reveal his opinion on Greg Chappell, labelling him as a dubious leader and someone who had dampened the atmosphere of the dressing room.

On a general note, the film pays duly tribute to an exceptional career. It successfully captures the ups and downs of his career. Recollects the stories of his struggles, and sacrifices. From his father passing away during the 99′ world cup to the excruciatingly painful toe and tennis elbow injuries. The story takes us on a journey with the man himself, and his incredible career. If you are an ardent cricket and Sachin fan, I would suggest keeping a box of tissue nearby. Because the film perfectly captures the sentiments and emotions of the nation and the nation’s love for cricket.

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