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Stuck in the Lobby by Stage Struck – Reviewed

Stage Struck’s Stuck In The Lobby is, in the simplest terms, a project of high ambition, sought to be achieved by a recipe of humble enough ingredients. The concoction comprises a stripped down setting signifying a hotel lobby, a time span of three days, a set of characters of amusing idiosyncrasies and a simple storyline. The ultimate ambition, however, is to sneak into the simplicity of narration, commentary on modern human existence, and on the harmonies and conflicts that constitute the fabric of contemporary society.     A sudden storm…

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Kolkata Literature Festival 2017 : Things to look forward to

The International Kolkata book fair is one of the most anticipated fairs in this nation, as it stands proudly as the largest non-trade book fair in the world, the largest book fair in Asia and boasting of a record number of visitors every year. This year won’t be any different. Like the metaphors in a poem, a literary meet in a bookfair adds to the charm of the event. The Kolkata Literature Festival, KLF, promises to make your visit to Milan Mela all the more worthwhile. The Kolkata Literature Festival…

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A History of Butchers Culture Literature 

10 Reasons to watch M.A.D’s “A History of Butchers”

An attempted transcreation of Albert Camus’ “The Just Assassins” had its premiere on the 30th of July at Gyan Manch. Mad About Drama’s play ” A History of Butchers ” is set to perform again on the 3rd of February at the same venue as a part of The National Theatre Exchange Chapter-2. The audience members from the last two productions of this show simply couldn’t stop raving about this play, and the evening of the third offers nothing different. Read :- A HIstory of Butchers : A timeless narrative A…

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Happily Ever After Culture Featured Literature Open Forum Society 

Happily Ever After…?

None of us are unfamiliar to the promise of “happily ever after” trope of fairy tales, so much so that each tale is incomplete without its own happy ending. But it is such a doubtful phrase, and makes one ponder whether happy endings are in reality a myth or not: what exactly is this “happily ever after”? Under a veil of goodness, artful presentation and appealing dialogue, they are just dark, gruesome tales, full of evil stepmothers, hungry wolves and demure damsels in distress (along with suitable princes to kiss…

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Remnants of a Withered Winter #2 – The Christmas Puppy

Express Magazine brings to you its first series of wintry delights, ” Remnants of a withered winter “. A double collection of winter stories and poems from the house and from the readers. We will be accepting entries till the end of this season. So, why don’t you scribble down those stories, and the unfettered emotions and send it to us fast?     The little boy trudged along the frozen walkway, his hands stuffed inside his large overcoat pockets. It was Christmas Eve, and the town was a picture in white….

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remnants of a withered winter Literature 

Remnants of a withered winter #1 – Winter Evenings

What makes winter evenings warm? Fireplace. Blankets. Coffee. And a cocoon of warm, fuzzy, winter tales! Express Magazine brings to you its first series of wintry delights. ” Remnants of a withered winter “. A double collection of winter stories and poems from the house and from the readers. We will be accepting entries till the end of this season. So, why don’t you scribble down those stories, and the unfettered emotions and send it to us fast? The premonitions are ominous. The cold frosty winds started a bonfire from…

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Top 10 Christmas Tales : Christmas in Literature

Jingle Bells, party smells, and you’re home alone. If you’re without a plan, or simply haven’t sunk in the festive feeling, you need to grab a book.A book that provides a wonderful depiction of Christmas in Literature. So we present you with the suggestions of Top 10 Christmas tales you cannot afford to miss. A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens : Dickens writes in his preface to the novella, “I have endeavoured in this Ghostly little book, to raise the Ghost of an Idea, which shall not put my readers out…

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With Love Calcutta Culture Literature Society 

With Love Calcutta at the National Theatre Exchange

Right from the build-up stages of the event, my enthusiasm and excitement for this project has not been a secret, sparkling everywhere through my posts, or my articles. And now that it is over, I feel hunted by the spirit of nostalgia, and the reminiscence of the suspense, the work load, and the deadlines! Most of my acquaintances and friends who were promised a nice time at the Theatre Exchange were not left disappointed. Till this day, my whatsapp and facebook message inboxes are being flooded with Thank You notes,…

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A Tribute to our favourite sleuth at 50 : Feluda

Exactly fifty years ago, the maestro Satyajit Ray created Pradosh C. Mitter aka Feluda. The six-foot, dapper detective who possessed the most brilliant of minds, made his ever-lasting appearance fifty years ago and has lived with us ever since. His profound interest in trivia, unconventional ways of solving the mystery and of course, dry wit left us all mesmerized. In the last 50 years, we have seen Pradosh C.Mitter in books, graphic novel adaptations, radio plays, theatres, televisions and not to forget, in blockbuster films wherein the great actors such…

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Urdu… Poetry In Language

If we look into the meaning of the very word ‘Urdu’, we find its Turkish origin means ‘camp’ or ‘army’, because of its predominance among army-men (‘Lashkari Zuban’ or ‘the language of the army’). It is a beautiful blend of Persian, Turkish, Arabic and local Hindi dialects and is known to be one of the origins of Hindi, and has a reputation for fascinating non-Urdu speakers for years. My first tryst with Urdu was when I was four or five and my mornings were intricately touched with the ornate tune…

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