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….And they lived happily ever after

That’s what fairytales tell us about love- A happily ever after! A mushy love story with a perfect ending in a world of make-believe fantasy…. But what they don’t tell us is that this “love” may not be the one about which several symphonies were conjured. This love may be different, without a specific tag. Love may not come to you as a gift for a lifetime, it may not be the “forever” kind of love or the “we are made for each other” kind of love. Love may happen…

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Rajmohan’s wife

In the busy humdrum of day to day living, do we end up losing ourselves in life’s labyrinth? Or do we unknowingly, ( notwithstanding our choices ), gravitate towards a pre ordained conclusion? How much of life is ruled by fate and how much can we succeed in forging our own destiny?  Rajmohan’s wife abounds in all of these and more.  On a foggy December evening, I found her in one of the bookshelves in BCL; hard pressed and jostled amidst the overpowering presence of works of Elizabethan bards. Like…

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The David takes on the Goliath

This weekend Premier League will see, the top two teams fight it out for the top spot in the King Power Stadium. Leicester City, the current league leader, will host their immediate followers Manchester United on Saturday. The “underdogs” have surprised us all with their scintillating display of football this season .No one expected them to top the league after a few months of top flight football . But Claudio Ranieri’s men have not succumbed to the bullying of the Premier League giants. Loius Van Gaal has described Leicester top-scorer…

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