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Attack on Srijato Culture Politics Society 

Attack on Srijato : Another episode of the rising intolerance

As the world celebrated International Poetry Day, another poet’s freedom of expression was put under question here in Bengal, the land which has always been known for its progressive ideas in art and literature. The attack on Srijato Bandopadhyay came from Hindu fanatics, due to his poem ‘Abhishaap’(curse) which he published two days back on Facebook as a protest against Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s comment where he asked Hindus to rape dead Muslim women. An FIR was launched against him at the Siliguri cyber crime station for ‘spreading…

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Indus Water Treaty Politics 

Recent developments over the Indus Water Treaty – Impending Spat?

Indus Water Commissioners of India and Pakistan are set to hold a two-day dialogue in Amritsar on March 20 and 21 after a lull of two years on Indus Water Treaty. The treaty which was signed 57 years ago bounds India and Pakistan to hold a meeting every year. However, the authorities did not convene any in the past two years due to tensions among the two countries. The Indus Water Treaty is a water distribution agreement that was signed on September, 1960 in Karachi by the then Prime Minister…

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Central? Censor Board of Film Certification

“Lady-oriented” is a term that had the capacity to be India’s “nasty woman”. As a queer feminist, I delighted in the various implications the phrase has to offer, and it is a phrase with the catchy appeal that legendary taglines are made of. The irony, however, is that it was a term used to suppress, not endorse something – being one of the many objections the Central…err, rather the ” Censor Board of Film Certification ” had to lay on Prakash Jha’s “Lipstick Under My Burkha.” Other objections include “contanious…

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Movie Review: Jolly LL.B 2

Jolly LL.B  2: REVIEW After the much critically acclaimed prequel to the film much was expected from ‘The State vs Jolly LL.B 2’ and it is fair to say, after watching the film, Akshay Kumar and co. did not disappoint at all. While the last installment dealt with a hit-n-run case, this one deals with the case of mistaken identity of a J & K terrorist. The film centers around Jolly a.k.a Jagdishwar Mishra, a BA LL.B (law-degree) graduate, who is struggling to establish himself among the quarters of the…

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Union Budget 2017 in a nutshell Featured Politics 

Union Budget 2017 in a nutshell : Things you need to know

The Union Budget 2017 in a nutshell Amidst a lot of cynicism, and doubts involved about the halting economic progress since the Prime Minister slashed 86% of the Indian currency in one go, finance minister, Arun Jaitley presented the Union budget 2017. Based on extensive research and investigation, the 2017 Union budget was one which tackled the most bothering issues of the Indian economy, along with taking a huge step to marginalize corruption – with development and progress not left behind. The demonetisation scheme which the Indian government refashioned in…

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Sufi Music - The Other Side of Islam Culture Featured Politics Society 

Sufi Music : The Other Side of Islam

The path of love is not an easy one, it is complicated and delicate, for it is the love rather than the fear of God that lies at the heart of Sufism, the other side of Islam. In an age where terrorism and anarchy hog up the news channels and hatred and condemnation creates fences among people, it is sometimes, music, which offers refuge to the innocuous people. Before anybody could insist Sufism as an Islamic dominant movement, I’d like to convey that music transcends all religion. It is beyond…

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Basic Premises of Human Rights Culture Featured Politics Society 

Basic premises of Human rights : Development or Idealism?

With several movements cropping up once in a while and getting subdued even faster, human rights was and shall remain a ‘concern’. Having read the works of some of the greatest of the political philosophers, I have found repeated emphasis on natural rights and liberties of man, time and again. But, unfortunately I still feel the dire need of reminding people about the basic premises of human rights. ‘Human rights’ not just as a concept but as a necessity. Arundhati Roy, an activist, a writer and a well-read human being,…

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Amma - Jayalalitha passes Featured Politics Society 

Amma : The Iron Lady departs

It was 1989, when in a commotion in the Tamil Nadu assembly, led to a scrimmage between the DMK and the AIADMK supporters. The then CM of Tamil Nadu saw his assembly papers snatched from his hand and torn into pieces. To avenge the incident, a DMK supporter pulled and tore Jayalalitha’s pallu (saree) as she was leaving the assembly. She fell to the ground. But not her dignity. She swore that she wouldn’t return to the threshold of the assembly till she became the chief minister of Tamil Nadu….

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Castro, the last dreamer

“A revolutionary who set out to change the world”, stands as the dominant maxim which has been used for Fidel Castro for a very long time. A man born to Spanish immigrants in a small island across the Straits of Florida, he soon went on to become an idol and an icon for countries born out of colonial and racial turmoil. He was the last real idealist I remember who had been successful in keeping alive the fire of ‘revolution’. In a world where idealists are mocked and called impractical…

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The Privilege of Hate, and on Political Correctness

“If you voted for Donald Trump,you are a loser.” “BJP supporters are Islamophobic scum” The popular ideas floating around the internet, or in common discourse are definitely not always the ones in alliance with the power structures in place. Yet, some would say, political correctness, some would say, instruments of victimization of people who would not cater to the same. Intolerance of intolerance is, after all, by this dialogue, an intolerance in itself. What this discourse is largely based on is the problematic notion of “ political correctness ”. Diplomacy could…

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