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Choker Returns : An age old favourite

Hello, to the skinny bit of velvet, ribbon that embellished many necks in the 90s. A Choker is a close-fitting neckpiece worn around the neck. It is made up of silver, gold, velvet, threads, studs, feathers, beads etc.

The common type of chokers include Victorian, Vintage, Open Collar, Gothic, Pendant, Gemstones, or Tattoo. Chokers first appeared in 1700’s as a French cultural jewel; it was then a style only favored by the royal, wealthy ladies.

Red Choker

Women in France would wear red ribbons tied into a choker as a silent homage to those who fell victim to the guillotine. This French trend quickly spread to England, where they copied the look in a gesture of solidarity. To further make it appear more fashionable, women would adorn the ribbons with pins, jewelled beads and other objects.

Later, during 1874, it was adorned in the necks of the ballerinas and gradually by 1880s by the Queens when the Princess of Wales, Alexandra travelled to India and was deeply inspired by the Indian women decked in jewels. Also fuelled by a desire to hide a scar on her neck, she began to use necklaces made of pearls and velvet. They were worn tight on the throat and stacked high.                                                                                        Indian woman wearing choker

Queens wearing chokers

Ballerinas and the upper elite in the late 19th century commonly wore certain types of chokers. By 1990s, chokers became quite popular among girls and women. Gradually, everyone began to follow suit and chokers made of pearls, precious stones,lace and gold became a massive trend.

However, 90s chokers were less glamorous than their predecessors. Today, chokers have made a major comeback. There is a wide array of style options currently on the market, from casual tattoo chokers to heavy embellished pieces made from studs, gemstones etc.



– Chokers look good on anything, be it any low-cut top or a romantic gown.

– Upgrade your normal look by teaming it up with a top and basic denim jacket.

– It can be used as a layering piece; one could also accessorize it with off-shoulder tops or over a turtleneck.

– For a Bohemian vibe, one could wear it with long studded chains.

Beautiful choker


– Chokers generally, don’t look nice if you haven’t got a long average neck. It isn’t a favourable accessory for you.

– Chokers barely look nice with high neck tees or something that isn’t flaunting your collar bones.

Choker is an unusual accessory and undeniably plays a key role in accentuating your simplest looks. 


Article by :- Sonali Pamnani.


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