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Dangal: An Inspired End To 2016

There is Shah Rukh Khan as Raj in DANGAL & so is Salman Khan’s SULTAN on the internet, whenever & wherever you will search for DANGAL. But there is only that much of Aamir Khan as Mahavir Singh Phogat in the movie as there should be, which stands totally opposite to what extent he should be keeping in mind that this is Bollywood.

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This is that time of the year again when quote for the season’s greetings are searched on neck-to-neck with the review of an Aamir Khan’s release, that has an earned monopoly for the last week of the year.

This time it is NOT a Hirani’s masterpiece or a YRF blunder or a too-good-for-Bollywood movie by Reema Kagti. This time, following the trend of the year (surprisingly!), Aamir Khan’s release of the year is a biopic too, that too on a sportsperson, but sadly the sports indulge into it holds the country’s last & least attention.

It will be misguiding, in at least my understanding, to term DANGAL as a biopic of Mahavir Singh Phogat played by Aamir Khan, but at the same time it is applause-worthy to see the superstar lead of the movie riding the movie ahead from the back.

The sharpness in the detailing of movie can be seen from the very introductory scene of Aamir-aka-Mahavir Tau where he wrestles against a young Vivan Bhathena with a backdrop commentary running along of a similar contest between US & Russia. Trumping much? But I feel, that for the pale straight screenplay that outlays a very limited plot, the shoulders of Nitesh Tiwari (the director) are to be held responsible.

The movie boasts Geeta Singh Phogat as if she is Salman Khan & ignores the career of Babita Kumari & the struggles of Mahavir himself totally, as if they are they are just another black buck shot down. There is a very limited or negligible portrayal of the gender issue, the sports stigma, the all over achievements of the Bhagot family against the backrop of Haryana and what more.

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After 3 Idiots, I guess that this is the first movie where you see actors better than Aamir, not because of the role given, but because of the role portrayed. The acts of junior Geeta, Babita & Omkar are so superb, that even after they grow up, they hold most of the limelight keeping the flame bright & big.

There was so much to convey even after so much that was conveyed. Aamir Khan has never shaped himself better than for the role of older Mahavir in DANGAL.There is no way one piece of poop called SULTAN can even touch this movie, but there is no way that Aamir’s very own LAGAAN or SRK’s CHAK DE! INDIA can be listed with it at par.

Just like the way the society discriminates between a girl & a boy, a white & a black, Nitesh Tiwari’s DANGAL discriminates, consciously or unconsciously, between Geeta & Babita, merely because the former won a gold before & that’s where a perfect climax is for a Bollywood drama.

Despite the untouched screenplay & loose editing, a flawless Aamir, some brilliant & brightening debutantes, & a very inspiring story makes DANGAL a must watch (in the week when there is no other Bollywood release).



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