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Flavours of Ramadan – Around the world

Flavours of Ramadan:

Since the holiest month of Islam is in harness, we thought of taking you through the culinary delicacies of Ramadan. A typical day for the one who keeps a roza starts with a meal followed by a strict fast until sundown when after the evening prayer, the fast is broken with a communal gathering to enjoy the Iftar feast. It is believed that Prophet Mohammad broke his fast by eating 3 dates. But fortunately, you don’t have to curb your appetite, because here is a list of treats and titbits for you to enjoy in the month of Ramadan –

Appetizers –

A perfect Ramadan savoury for Iftar and Suhour is sweet and salty. Traditionally Muslims break the fast with raisins and water, followed by Haleem and Nombu Kanji (porridge). More exquisite hors d’oeuvre could include Adas Rishta (Macaroni Stew), baked potatoes, shrimps, moudardara (lentil rice), Beef Minestrone (Soup), steamed dough or bread, etc.

Main course –

There is a treasure-trove of entrée in the offer. One of the customary dishes in the main course is Lamb. Lamb molokhia, Lamb Mansaf, Kebabs are few that have carried the tradition. Chicken could also be a part of the menu, Chicken musakhan, stuffed chicken rice to name a few. One of the unique recipes is stuffed pigeon with oriental rice (mainly in Egypt). If you would like to explore more overseas culinary items then Moroccan seafood briouats (Pastilla). Harees is also a dish which could be prepared with boiled wheat with meat.




Desserts –

The after course meals are always my personal favourite. Luckily, there is a range of sweets and fondants to pick from. Ma’amoul with pistachios, walnuts and dates (cookies), Katyef (sweet dough), Chocolate and fruit tart, yoghurt, cheesecakes, halwa, and strawberry, banana smoothies and ice creams (of course!).

We hope this gastronomical catalogue entails you to plan your meals with a tinge of the extravaganza.


Also, Eid Mubarak!

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