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Looking into Sujoy Ghosh’s Kahaani 2

Let me tell you beforehand, that the review has been done, and the movie should be watched, keeping our precious memory apart, which is to be applied further, in situations that hold a higher value than to relate KAHAANI 2 with KAHAANI.

Yes! There is no doubt regarding this fact, THE fact which has already been made clear about the movie standing as an independent associate of the franchise KAHAANI than to be a sequel to the movie.

Confused? Bhai mere, KAHAANI 2 ne KAHAANI se sirf uska Naam liya hain, uski Viraasat nahi! Bidya Bagchi is now Vidya Sinha who turns out to be Durga Rani Singh. But how, why, what and where?

Does the name of the movie hold this much importance? Or was the time saved invested well?

The story line has been designed over the past life of the lead that stitches along with the happenings and the people around. The confusion between a consensual escape leading to a death is mistaken as kidnapping & murder.


Kahaani 2 Vidya Balan

Kahaani 2 lacks Bengal as much as it lacks Vidya herself. But as a blessing in disguise, it gave space for other flavors to brew.

Arjun Rampal should definitely go out on the streets and shout (without Farhan Akhtar, obviously) “Dene waala jab bhi deta, deta chappar faadh ke”.

In my entire tenure of watching cinema, I’ve never seen someone growing at such age and still holding his nerves not to overact. The director and the script writer deserve all the credits. Arjun’s character has been given a very well sketched space which makes its safe landing beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Sujoy Ghosh, the director and screenplay writer, has to carry his portfolio along while being evaluated. He wisely chooses a very sensitive topic to hit and start the engine but lands into another race. The fun is delivered. But it is debatable whether the engine was misused or ignored, or was the adrenaline pushed race worth any cost?

Vidya Balan is predictably impressive but lacks space to showcase her talent.

She somehow shares, or even compromises, the lead with, or for, Arjun. But in any of the cases, it’s the demand of the script.


Kahaani 2 Arjun Rampal


The characters gel up really well. Like the previous movie of the franchise, much attention has been given to everyone so that their character appears clearly on the screen. It helps in making the events look practical, flaws blurred & the much-required pace. Sujoy escalates franchise from the lanes of Calcutta to Hooghly, and hence tries to diverse the ingredients. The body might be diluted, but the execution was worth all the averages.

At par, KAHAANI 2 is an indubitably must-watch contender, but only at the promise of frequent directorial(s) by Sujoy.

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