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Movie Review: Mohenjodaro

Right from the sets of AGNEEPATH, races out Hrithik Roshan, wearing the same ripped vest and the same agony but with eyes less red, carrying least amount of revenge-hatred and more space for love. And here Ashutosh Gowariker is ready with the set of somewhat like MOHENJODARO as described in the Standard 5 of a State Board school. He has previously tried his architect & historic knowledge in JODHAA-AKBAR too.

The best way to watch MOHENJODARO is after watching RUSTOM. You’ll feel like you are watching history in making. Tried to make it look like 300, Ashutosh somehow falls below the 30 mark. His, as usual, wayyyyyyyyyyyy more than required duration is sure to dig at least a foot for the grave for MOHENJODARO.

MOHENJODARO straight away is the least worked upon historic movie I’ve ever seen!

Apart from making the sets & scenario look like it, it has nothing to do with the 2016BC or the Harappan-Mohenjodaro civilisation. The girls move around with cleavage so deep, I’m astonished why SHIV SENA isn’t protesting against it yet.

Being a love story that carries a story like of every South Indian-cum-Set Max drama where the hero’s dad is killed by the villain who wants his son to marry the heroine. And the same janta ka maseeha v/s janta ka exploiter war starts and ends when the hero saves the whole civilization by applying his meteorologist brain that Ashutosh blesses his lead actors with in every movie. From Hrithik in Mohenjodaro to Aamir in Lagaan to NASA scientist Shah Rukh in Swades, everyone was, is & will be like, Barsaat kab hogi? But only Harman Baweja knew how overcast his sky would be after What’s Your Raashee?

Mohenjodaro starts and ends in a way, where you will definitely feel for once at least that it is an accumulated & gareeb version of Baahubali 1 & 2. Hrithik too, like Baahubali dreams about going to MOHENJODARO. His destiny leads him to become the king, he fights the exploiter king who isn’t from the dynasty, kisses a high-profile brahmin girl & blah blah blah.

At the merciful end of the movie after 150 minutes, you will find no reason to feel charged. It might not bore you as hard as Rustom did, but surely won’t excite you as much as Agneepath, or amaze as Jodhaa Akbar.

On this Independence Day, let us remember together, the hours, time & expectation that died in the awe of Bollywood.

Hollywood, bacha le?



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