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PINK takes up an agenda of “Gender biased thinking” by supporting the motion people are afraid to talk about. In one simple sentence, PINK describes the difference between Women Empowerment and Gender Equality. Making it to the minds of all the galat-fehemenists around the global social media, the difference between the two is deeper than the cleavage one exposes to get on the page-3 with such heated topics.

Shoojit Sircar stands out as the producer and gives attention to the minute detailing of it. Though it’s agreeable that on writing part, Ritesh Shah couldn’t expand but, it can be the case where Shoojit didn’t let him fake. Just like Vicky Donor, Shoojit conveys the most complex and less talked about issue, that is still on mute.

The society needs to understand after the sufferings in all the geographically remote areas that the inequality in empowerment and exploitation may make grounds move. Moreover it is yet to learn that the leader of the exploiters may take a way that decorates him/her with pride & fan-following than the tribe with power. Thus, the issue-cum-solution of empowerment needs to be replaced with equality. And the fighter should be none other than the so-called-culprit MALE. More the females’ face more is the outburst. But unless the males respond, there is no progress. Thus, the lesson of “self cleaning is the best cleaning” stands tall.

PINK is a short story with a long message. Starting as if one is rewatching TALAASH, interval as if it’s RUSTOM and climax as if it’s Chak de! India. PINK is intriguing, gripping and delightful. Though weak in depth and less exploitation of the available opportunities, the conclusion solely covers it all. 

The sole hero of the empowerment fight is the very famous & now retired advocate Mr. Sehgal (Amitabh Bachchan) who had called it off due to mental health issues/allegations. In his comeback act to the court, he performs so brilliantly that even adjectives like marvelous sounds shameful to his act. Pre-interval, he doesn’t even have a proper sentence to speak but to the end, you’ll be unable to count the times he has been applauded. And every time the crowd watching PINK claps, the screens showcases Big B.

The girls (Tapsee Pannu, y & z) are amazing too and have done perfect justice to the very limited space allotted. The guys along with the supporting crew display a very neat & disciplined work.

Finally after a long time, Bollywood is having releases that are worth your time. PINK is another take on the societal chaos that still remains to be unanswered. In that zone of complete silence & ignorance, PINK makes a sound, a sound as bright & beautiful as the colour pink.

4 blue stars from my side.


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