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The New Mocambo in Town : 10, Downing Street

Just a month after the infamous and scandalous Mocambo-fiasco, another restaurant in the posh IT-hub of Kolkata, allegedly did something on the same lines. A month ago, Mocambo, a famous eatery in Central Kolkata refused an entry to the driver of a lady, on the account of his “dirty clothes”. In the midst of an huge uproar against the unfair ‘classist’ policies of a top restaurant in Kolkata, 10, Downing Street, a relatively new restaurant in East Kolkata takes it to another level in this festive season. On the sixth of October, Jayanta Ray and his colleagues faced an humiliating and disgusting response from the hotel staff.

Here’s what the original post reads :-

“No, it was not Park Street. It was our very own Sector 5, the IT hub in Salt Lake. Neither was it Mocambo.

It was a newbie in the Kolkata gastronomic map, 10, Downing Street. But the saga of rejection was chillingly similar.

We were debarred from entry right at the doorway. All 12 of us. Between us, we represented some of the best Software Companies in Kolkata. But that is another story.
“Ethnic wear is not allowed here”, the lady said in her outlandish English accent, traced to an origin between Tripoli and Timbuctoo. She seemed scandalised at the fine silk sarees and Fab India Kurtas we had on.
“You absolutely must not come in with those open shoes”, she stated in apparent disgust, gaping at the most refined Jodhpuri and Kolhapuri sandals we wore.
It was ethnic wear day at office. We came straight for dinner from work, picking our families on the way. We all had ethnic clothes on. Perfectly respectable, genuinely Indian and decent dresses.
Yet she wouldn’t let us in.
We argued. This is Kolkata, India. It is the time of our biggest festivities, the Durga Puja. Anyone wearing Western wear would look out of place now, we opined.
Her chuckle was defiantly derisive. “You are not going in. We are not any other restaurant. We are 10, Downing Street.”
We left, but not before I told her “Thou shalt be Mocambo-ed”.
How many years did you say we stopped being ruled by 10, Downing Street , London (office of the British PM)? 69 years?
Well, nothing has changed.
We will follow this through. We won’t take it lying down.

Please note, ABP Ananda. Please let your viewers know of this gross discrimination.

What say Bibek Ranjan Basu, Mili Basu, Satarupa Nandi, Koyeli Ray, Teesta Ray, Subhajit Chatterjee, Mousumi Banerjee, Projjwal Bhattacharya, Ankita Das, Debasish Roy, Shaoni Sinha?”
If indeed something like this has happened, we the residents of the city should really start bothering about the kind of attitude shared in the some of the most highly recommended restaurants in the city. Is this a reflection of the society we live in? It’s high time we sit up straight and do something about it.

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