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A note before Exams, the devil’s favourite creation

It’s that time of the year again when there is only one thing that dominates your mind, body and soul all the time; Exams, the devil’s favourite creation. You wake up in the morning with one plan in your mind which is to study the whole day and go to bed in the night with basically the same thoughts.

Yes, the season of blood sucking demons is back and the first thing that you need to do is RELAX. Take a deep breath and accept the reality that exams are knocking at the door and the days of procrastination are long gone. The worst thing that you can do right now is panic which in return, can spoil your results royally. So the best thing to do right now is the one you already know about, studying.

Studying is not as bad as you think it is. Remember the uninteresting novels that you read? The ones which you started reading but didn’t want to finish because you lost your interest in them?

Well, your textbooks could be the same except for the fact that these will determine your result – consequently controlling the smile or dismay on your face later. One important thing that you need to stop doing right away is to delay things.

If you have made a time table then follow it religiously because you do not want to regret later, right? Give it your best shot so that you remain satisfied with yourself, so that you do not say this to yourself or your close ones, after the declaration of your results, that ‘if only I could have studied one more chapter’.


Exams, the devil's favourite creation


Worrying, about something that is inevitable, is a waste of time. It is only going to increase the pressure and decline your productivity. Worrying too much can open the door for more negative thoughts which would definitely have disastrous effects on not just your result but also, other aspects of your life.

During exams, the devil’s favourite creation, some students get so worried that they go into depression – which is an evil that lives inside your body and eats you up from inside. Relax, these are just exams and not the ultimatum in your life. Both, the parents and students need to understand this in its literal sense.

Study while having fun, eat healthy food, keep yourself stress free and answer your tests peacefully. These numbers in form of ‘marks’ may help you in getting admission in one of the many reputed institutions of the country but they do not decide your future. You need to understand the difference between the two.

So enjoy this period and whenever you feel stressed, just talk to your parents, friends or the help lines that so many organizations have started. Do something that you love and most importantly, keep yourself happy. Trust me, this too shall pass. Until then, all the best, you still have a whole month for revisions.

May the force be with you.

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