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Rain in the City of Joy Culture 

Rain in The City of Joy

Unlike other cities, the City of Joy doesn’t come to a standstill when there is a torrential downpour. Instead, the joy is doubled, because nothing beats the gastronomic delight of “gorom gorom khichudi and begun bhaja”. The rains can bring out the footballer in anyone, and wet and muddy football matches suddenly become the order of the day as the sun loses its unequal battle with the clouds.

Children set their paper boats a-sail on the waterlogged alleys and engage in euphoric splashes at each other from the puddles on the streets.The waves created by the moving vehicles on a flooded street make them gape in admiration. If a vehicle breaks down, they volunteer to help and hope for some money in return – generous tokens of monsoon!

Buses and taxis often go into a refusal spree when there is a lot of water to wade through. In such a situation which renders you helpless to a degree, you can definitely count on the Japanese rickshaw-walas. These are probably only found so prominently in the City of Joy, and their demand increases during waterlogged days. Even though they might charge a lot, they will ensure that you reach your destination, swiftly galloping you through the chaotic traffic and of course,the gushing torrents.


Rain in the City of Joy


If you are however reluctant to go out during the rains, I don’t blame you. The weather is bound to make you lethargic, because “lyadh khawa” is directly proportional to the intensity of downpour. Being at home and watching your favorite movie, or listening to Coldplay and Tagore… ahh, nothing like it! Or maybe, inviting your friends for an “adda” over tea, or dancing crazy souls on the terrace sounds promising,eh?

As one sits by the window,drowned in nostalgia and thinks about those long walks and sweet stolen kisses in the corners of the streets, lost love… the rain provides solace.

The divergent hues of Kolkata become more beautiful during the monsoons, and the joy of the city rains is infectious and touches everybody,whether you’re sixteen or sixty.


Author : Jayita Chakraborty

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