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Reviewed : MS Dhoni-The Untold Story

The life of India’s most efficacious captain embeds within itself so much darkness, so many controversies and contortions that putting up a title like MS Dhoni-The Untold Story is a mirage to us. Produced by Rhiti Sports, which again is (in)famous for the alleged ownership and stakes held by Mahi, puts a very sardonic end to the puns which went around stating how much money has Dhoni charged for the rights of his biopic.

The man who has been exhilarating Bollywood with his thrillers like A WEDNESDAY, SPECIAL 26 & BABY, returns with a GOD-like project in a cricket-worshipping nation. Making a biopic on Dhoni is like making a biopic on Steven Spielberg for the Hollywood family (including the divorcees).

MS Dhoni-The Untold Story


In the light of the love and madness we’ve (only) for this sport, we may get biased views on the movie while the crowd is waiting to shout its lungs out on every second scene. But sadly, apart from the scenes where the real players are shown, the director-actor duo finds it back-breaking to get even a count of 5 where they can be applauded for their work. On a very serious note, MS Dhoni-The Untold story will not live the merit in either of their life as much as the man did for the country.

The movie can be segmented into three chapters 1. How he made it to the team? 2. How he made out with those 2 girls doing the rounds? (Dhoni doesn’t do it the raunchy way) 3. The well VFXed matches.

Chapter 1 takes up around 60% of the movie and is pretty watchable. Dhoni dives in and just saves from making it look stretched.

Chapter 2 which starts post interval & goes till pre-climax is so so bad that it kills the mood as the advertisements do in a T20. How he met Sakshi, who was the only other girl he talked to (Yaa okay lol xD), is the last thing we would spend our bucks upon.


MS Dhoni-The Untold Story


Chapter 3 of MS Dhoni-The Untold Story deserves much praise.

Well edited and worth applauding for. No, not just because of Dhoni & but because of the Indian National Cricket Team. You give us highlights of any match and get the same reaction you experienced in the theatre. But anyway, it’s well positioned to keep the mood uplifted, but not enough to keep us tightened to our seat.

You’ll be shocked to know that this 3hr 10min long stretched movie does not even have a single dressing room scene! No scene that shows his tiff with the senior trio, Sehwag or Gambhir or anyone else! Even Emraan Hashmi’s Azhar had the whole cricketing team. Believe me or not, this movie doesn’t even have one-act of any cricketer except Yuvraj.

Neeraj Pandey has only that much to do with the script as much as Sakshi has to do with Mahi’s career. His hands were tied to make a biopic as composed and flowered as the man himself. There is no detailing whatsoever. There is nothing exclusive for the audience to know. And I concur not to blame the writer for that.

I do not want riots outside my house, but if you edit the real matches out, MS Dhoni-The Untold Story would have been such a bore/pain/ache that effigies would have been set up on fire inside the theatre as if India failed to qualify for the next round in the World Cup. (Dhawan ko nikaal kar agar Gambhir ko wapas nahi bulaaya toh ye din bhi dur nahi).

This shot might go all the way for the maximum, but it is definitely not a helicopter shot.

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