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Theatre in the city : A History of Butchers

Mad About Drama, a national performing arts company, staged their debut production of A History of Butchers on the 29th of July, followed by another show on the 5th of August. Here is the review of the play from one of the members of the audience.   Play: A History of Butchers by Mad About Drama, Kolkata. A couple of hours, well spent. I am a bit of an addict when it comes to theatre. Good, bad, indifferent, famous, unheard-of, big productions, medium or small, I tend to end up trying…

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Albert Camus Culture Featured 

Albert Camus: Five Unknown facts

It might be nearly sixty years since Albert Camus was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for the “clear-sighted earnestness” with which he illuminated  the “problems of the human conscience” in his times, but Camus’s work remains as relevant as ever in 2016. This sustained relevance sees his work being re-imagined over and over again. While Camus is immortalized, a certain idea is also built of him in popular imagination that is not quite the truth – the image of the French existentialist philosopher. With this in mind, here are…

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