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Brokeback Mountain at Academy Awards Featured Movies 

Most unforgivable decisions made at the Academy Awards

The 89th Academy Awards have come and conquered, of course with a stellar line of mistakes and mishaps thrown in for good measure. With the huge brouhaha over Moonlight and La La Land and the announcement that went wrong, terribly wrong, Academy Awards lived up to its full potential of providing us with dollops of entertainment and yes, needless to say, the disappointments. However, one might say that the entire case is subjective in content as people differ and so do their choices in films. Hence, this comes straight from…

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systematic abuse of cinematic power Culture Featured Society 

Systematic abuse of cinematic power- Bertolucci and his peers

Should a man be excused if he tries to manifest his artistic adroitness and in process conspires against a young woman and sexually abuses her? Should a man get away with a crime in the name of art? Yes, in this column I’m about to diatribe against the methods of Bernardo Bertolucci and the systematic abuse of cinematic power. In a recent revelation, Bertolucci has gone on record to claim – He along with Marlon Brando connived to deviate from the script and use butter as a lubricant while shooting…

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