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Kolkata Literature Festival 2017 : Things to look forward to

The International Kolkata book fair is one of the most anticipated fairs in this nation, as it stands proudly as the largest non-trade book fair in the world, the largest book fair in Asia and boasting of a record number of visitors every year. This year won’t be any different. Like the metaphors in a poem, a literary meet in a bookfair adds to the charm of the event. The Kolkata Literature Festival, KLF, promises to make your visit to Milan Mela all the more worthwhile. The Kolkata Literature Festival…

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Artscape Culture Open Forum 

Breaking Boundaries – Artscape v.1.2.3

It has often been said that beauty lies dull in absence of appreciation. Saying so is even more justified for art, where a viewer forms a connection, a bond, with the artist via the art itself. It is like peeking inside an artist’s mind, into the thoughts that created the art without ever meeting the creator. In an age of ultra fast communication services like the internet, art, in any form, remains just as important a medium for the expression of feelings and ideas. Artscape v1.2.3 follows the same lines….

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