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A List of Really Bad Movies One Should Watch Before Death

It is said that one has to suffer to create art. While we’re not sure about the art end, both writers for this article did their share of suffering, often in movie theatres where the movie took the backseat in favour of… activities that the RSS most definitely does not encourage. Well, 4/20 may have gone by but what follows is a list of the really bad movies one should watch before death. (of boredom, perhaps, but death is inevitable. ) NOTE: Regulated quantities of the Devil’s Lettuce may be…

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My Favourite K in Bollywood – Nagesh Kukunoor

My mother doesn’t usually watch movies, but a while back, as I was bemoaning the lack of anything decent to watch, she recommended that I watch Nagesh Kukunoor’s earlier movies. Though initially sceptical, I managed to ‘procure’ most of what I wanted to watch from several, completely legal sources on the internet. After about 3 days, when I emerged from the cocoon of Kukunoor that I had managed to envelop myself in, I was smitten, and how. Here are the highlights: I started off with his debut film, Hyderabad Blues….

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Movie Review – Rangoon

RANGOON is a tale that takes the most of the tangent of two incomplete circles. It ceases on expectations of either being a Love Story or a War Period drama, and without disappointing us, delivers a magnificent blend that is a bar raiser.  The darker than the blood colored logo of Vishal Bhardwaj’s (VB) Pictures is up on the black canvas to call the shots. The acronym’s decoding is a mystery to the common moviegoers as much as the readability of the logo. Director-cum-composer Vishal Bhardwaj is the voluntary brand ambassador of William Shakespeare…

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Movie Review: Jolly LL.B 2

Jolly LL.B  2: REVIEW After the much critically acclaimed prequel to the film much was expected from ‘The State vs Jolly LL.B 2’ and it is fair to say, after watching the film, Akshay Kumar and co. did not disappoint at all. While the last installment dealt with a hit-n-run case, this one deals with the case of mistaken identity of a J & K terrorist. The film centers around Jolly a.k.a Jagdishwar Mishra, a BA LL.B (law-degree) graduate, who is struggling to establish himself among the quarters of the…

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Dangal: An Inspired End To 2016

There is Shah Rukh Khan as Raj in DANGAL & so is Salman Khan’s SULTAN on the internet, whenever & wherever you will search for DANGAL. But there is only that much of Aamir Khan as Mahavir Singh Phogat in the movie as there should be, which stands totally opposite to what extent he should be keeping in mind that this is Bollywood. This is that time of the year again when quote for the season’s greetings are searched on neck-to-neck with the review of an Aamir Khan’s release, that…

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Dear Zindagi – An impeccable Shahrukh Khan and a fleeting excellence

There is a very well structured grading system for tea and yet “No Tea is good or bad. Every tea has a buyer, and you are successful only when you find ‘the one’ “. This is what a living legend and tea industry veteran advised me, earlier this week. DEAR ZINDAGI’s trailer made noise exactly in the lane where it wanted to. People at the single screens laughed and the ones at the multiplexes went crazy. I hope that the production and the budgeting was also done keeping in mind, that the…

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PINK takes up an agenda of “Gender biased thinking” by supporting the motion people are afraid to talk about. In one simple sentence, PINK describes the difference between Women Empowerment and Gender Equality. Making it to the minds of all the galat-fehemenists around the global social media, the difference between the two is deeper than the cleavage one exposes to get on the page-3 with such heated topics. Shoojit Sircar stands out as the producer and gives attention to the minute detailing of it. Though it’s agreeable that on writing…

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There are two types of Sidharth Malhotras in this world. One, who needs his father-in-law for everything (Hasee Toh Phasee), and the other, who needs everything other than his father-in-law (Baar Baar Dekho). But in this world of cinema, fiction, romance, descriptive beauty of life, and all the ingredients that make one jump out of their 2×2 seat and scream in the air of euphoria, against the snowfall, there is only ONE Karan Johar. Straight after Kapoor & Sons earlier this year, if some rain is about to happen over…

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Movie Review: Mohenjodaro

Right from the sets of AGNEEPATH, races out Hrithik Roshan, wearing the same ripped vest and the same agony but with eyes less red, carrying least amount of revenge-hatred and more space for love. And here Ashutosh Gowariker is ready with the set of somewhat like MOHENJODARO as described in the Standard 5 of a State Board school. He has previously tried his architect & historic knowledge in JODHAA-AKBAR too. The best way to watch MOHENJODARO is after watching RUSTOM. You’ll feel like you are watching history in making. Tried…

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