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Things that should be banned in India following all religious sentiments

The 42nd Amendment to the Constitution of India enacted in 1976 amended the Preamble to assert that India was a secular nation. This meant that the State would not mingle with religious sentiments regarding its affairs, and all religious communities would be subjected to equal rights and laws. Yet the reality remains starkly different. In India, there is no universally applicable code of law; the concept of Personal Laws for Islamic communities prevails giving rise to many social problems like child marriage, polygamy and unequal inheritance laws. On the other…

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The History of Boxing day

No, Muhammad Ali wasn’t born on the 26th of December, neither did the fight of the century between Ali and Joe Frazier take place on this day – for the matter of fact, the day got to do anything with the pugilistic sport, yet, for some reason, the day is known as Boxing day in certain Commonwealth nations. Have you ever felt infuriated because you had to go to work on a holiday? Or, do you know anyone who holds a position which needs to be exercised even on a public…

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