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five relatively less popular cafes in South Kolkata Travel & Food 

The Top Five Relatively Less Popular Cafes in South Kolkata

Coffee – the brewed drink prepared by the perfect concoction of some seeds of the coffee plant, water and maybe some dairy add-ons. But as far as relaxation is concerned, coffee is that liquid hug to your brain in both good and bad times, incomparable to any other way out. This worldwide heartthrob has been subtly popular in the kolkatan air, initially through the nostalgic Coffee House in the College Street area. Time brought to us the other famous rooms of Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Mezzuna. But apart from these…

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Bibliophile and coffee Culture Featured Society 

Rains & Coffee : A Bibliophile ‘s Paradise

Rainy Days are a delight for a bibliophile. The queer fact about seasons is that they carry around an occult sense of relativity, far beyond the general boundaries of aesthetic characteristic or poetic beauty. Be it the greater three or the smaller three, to each there are features, sounds, smells and objective qualities we have associated and held with a rigid sense of hoarding and belonging. Types of discernible qualities in people, is almost always directly proportional to the kinds of specialties the seasons have to offer to us. For instance,…

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