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Racism against African students in the city

Indian society is rid with myriad social evils, and racial discrimination figures significantly in them. With growing communalism and intolerance, with hate crimes based on gender and religion and caste on a rise, it is hardly surprising that the African diaspora in the country would face rampant racial abuse and discrimination. The germ of mindless discrimination pervades all layers of society. Recent incidents around the country have shown that universities – traditionally considered a safe haven of learning and debate and free thinking – have now become a hotbed for…

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Towards individuality or homogeneity?

A study of the human condition has always been one full of surprises and paradoxes. More often than not, the seemingly mundane falls apart to reveal untold depth and complexity, while that which had shown promise turns out to be gravely disappointing. What a person does as part of a certain social setting turns out to be so different from what he might have done without the influence of his external environment. Nature and nurture are so intertwined in the personality of an individual that it becomes impossible to untangle…

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Cultural Consciousness in Christmas Culture Featured Society Uncategorized 

Cultural consciousness in Christmas

When Kolkata geared up to celebrate Christmas, it harkens to a culture that is not its own. Reindeers, stars, fir trees are tropes generally associated with the season’s festivities. There is no logical link tying these elements to the event of Christ’s birth that the festival commemorates. However, these tropes are central to the world’s perception of the Christmas-time spirit. That Christmas is so acceptable to the masses, especially in the Indian context, because of its increasing secularization is a view popularly held. However, the consciousness surrounding Christmas portrays it…

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The History of Boxing day

No, Muhammad Ali wasn’t born on the 26th of December, neither did the fight of the century between Ali and Joe Frazier take place on this day – for the matter of fact, the day got to do anything with the pugilistic sport, yet, for some reason, the day is known as Boxing day in certain Commonwealth nations. Have you ever felt infuriated because you had to go to work on a holiday? Or, do you know anyone who holds a position which needs to be exercised even on a public…

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