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A Tribute to our favourite sleuth at 50 : Feluda

Exactly fifty years ago, the maestro Satyajit Ray created Pradosh C. Mitter aka Feluda. The six-foot, dapper detective who possessed the most brilliant of minds, made his ever-lasting appearance fifty years ago and has lived with us ever since. His profound interest in trivia, unconventional ways of solving the mystery and of course, dry wit left us all mesmerized. In the last 50 years, we have seen Pradosh C.Mitter in books, graphic novel adaptations, radio plays, theatres, televisions and not to forget, in blockbuster films wherein the great actors such…

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The revised ICSE syllabus : What to expect from it

A couple of years ago, a particular meme had been doing the rounds on social media depicting the cryptic inner meanings we quintessentially associate literature to have: ‘Author: The curtains were blue.’ Teacher/Professor: The colour blue represents the author’s immense sense of depression and his inability to carry on.’ (Or something similar along those lines) When, in reality, perhaps the author only meant that the curtains were just blue, nothing more, nothing less. At that point, this meme could have just been dropped after a laugh at the flick of…

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