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Central? Censor Board of Film Certification

“Lady-oriented” is a term that had the capacity to be India’s “nasty woman”. As a queer feminist, I delighted in the various implications the phrase has to offer, and it is a phrase with the catchy appeal that legendary taglines are made of. The irony, however, is that it was a term used to suppress, not endorse something – being one of the many objections the Central…err, rather the ” Censor Board of Film Certification ” had to lay on Prakash Jha’s “Lipstick Under My Burkha.” Other objections include “contanious…

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The Well Behaved Woman

Are you a well behaved woman? Or let’s just frame it this way, do you qualify as a “well behaved woman”? The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you sit, or perhaps just the way you stand, do they confirm to the stereotypical standards laid down by our society? Are we going to do enough justice to the phrase ” well behaved ” by attaching it to your social image? But women should conform to the societal norms. Isn’t it? Is it not…

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Challenging stereotypes : Mia #bestatwork

I do not remember when I first saw this Tanisq advertisement, Mia #bestatwork. Maybe it was on a friend’s timeline and ever since then, it has been on my mind, and has increasingly become a screaming match to my conscience. In a society filled with stereotypes, the least we can do is not deny them. This advertisement right here addresses it all, hopelessly and shamelessly accepts it. When the media comes up with pathetic excuses for feminism and stereotypes, I vehemently oppose it. I write about it and criticize it….

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Feminism: A Misconception(?)

I was having a conversation with one of my uncles, where I mentioned that I am a feminist. He looked at me. After a pause of few seconds he laughed and said “Everyone’s a feminist nowadays. They are not even aware of the proper meaning of the term. Neither am I. It seems like the meaning changes according to convenience. Also, don’t you think the idea is too western? Is it really applicable in this country?” I wasn’t surprised. He was correct. To an extent, not entirely. People do not…

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