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Against Destitution and Stereotypes – Female Reporters of Nojorey Khobor

On 26th of March, the interactive session, held at the American Center, a synthesis of the U.S Consulate General and Kolkata based NGO, Jabala Action Research Organisation, created a very persuasive afternoon for me. It was no ordinary session, but a session on community reporting and community journalism and the most intriguing part of the whole was getting acquainted with adolescent reporters who were as young as us, or even younger! The session was titled as “Amplifying girls: adolescent girls write media reports on their communities”  represented by seven young girls…

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well behaved woman Culture Society 

The Well Behaved Woman

Are you a well behaved woman? Or let’s just frame it this way, do you qualify as a “well behaved woman”? The way you walk, the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you sit, or perhaps just the way you stand, do they confirm to the stereotypical standards laid down by our society? Are we going to do enough justice to the phrase ” well behaved ” by attaching it to your social image? But women should conform to the societal norms. Isn’t it? Is it not…

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PINK takes up an agenda of “Gender biased thinking” by supporting the motion people are afraid to talk about. In one simple sentence, PINK describes the difference between Women Empowerment and Gender Equality. Making it to the minds of all the galat-fehemenists around the global social media, the difference between the two is deeper than the cleavage one exposes to get on the page-3 with such heated topics. Shoojit Sircar stands out as the producer and gives attention to the minute detailing of it. Though it’s agreeable that on writing…

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