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Them and Us – The Hatred of the Other – And the City of Joy

Idols are constantly being built in this city where tradition and culture are dearly held. Pandals always emerging on roads that you didn’t think had any extra room, and people are always in preparation for a festival; for a day of Bhagwan (God). “What were you doing at MG road?”, asks my friend when he hears that I bought fruits from there at 9 p.m. My uncle advises me to take the train home as opposed to the metro, to avoid the musholmaan (Muslim) area. I, on the other hand,…

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Sufi Music : The Other Side of Islam

The path of love is not an easy one, it is complicated and delicate, for it is the love rather than the fear of God that lies at the heart of Sufism, the other side of Islam. In an age where terrorism and anarchy hog up the news channels and hatred and condemnation creates fences among people, it is sometimes, music, which offers refuge to the innocuous people. Before anybody could insist Sufism as an Islamic dominant movement, I’d like to convey that music transcends all religion. It is beyond…

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The Privilege of Hate, and on Political Correctness

“If you voted for Donald Trump,you are a loser.” “BJP supporters are Islamophobic scum” The popular ideas floating around the internet, or in common discourse are definitely not always the ones in alliance with the power structures in place. Yet, some would say, political correctness, some would say, instruments of victimization of people who would not cater to the same. Intolerance of intolerance is, after all, by this dialogue, an intolerance in itself. What this discourse is largely based on is the problematic notion of “ political correctness ”. Diplomacy could…

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How Islamophobia Promotes Terrorism

    We often find older people debating over if internet has proved to be a boon or a bane. But not getting into a middle school essay on the usefulness of the internet, I’m willing to talk about the ways in which the numerous terror outfits of the world exploit this internet and social media platforms today. If the control over oil fields and thus “self financing” is a huge leverage that ISIS has, its biggest strength is the large man force it possesses through its online recruitment drive….

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