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five relatively less popular cafes in South Kolkata Travel & Food 

The Top Five Relatively Less Popular Cafes in South Kolkata

Coffee – the brewed drink prepared by the perfect concoction of some seeds of the coffee plant, water and maybe some dairy add-ons. But as far as relaxation is concerned, coffee is that liquid hug to your brain in both good and bad times, incomparable to any other way out. This worldwide heartthrob has been subtly popular in the kolkatan air, initially through the nostalgic Coffee House in the College Street area. Time brought to us the other famous rooms of Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Mezzuna. But apart from these…

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Campus Politics in Kolkata JU Culture Featured Politics Society 

Campus Politics in Kolkata- Rebellion or idealisation?

Campus politics in Kolkata is often viewed in a negative light by parents in the households of the state. It is seen as a wasteful use of time that might be ‘better spent’ on academics. Yet year after year, seniors come in with anecdotes of how they too were forewarned, and ignoring this warning was the best decision they ever made, recruiting freshers into the same narrative. Politics is not a dirty word. We have grown up, seeing the government and their representatives as a conglomeration of the power wielding…

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Culture Featured Politics Society 

Them and Us – The Hatred of the Other – And the City of Joy

Idols are constantly being built in this city where tradition and culture are dearly held. Pandals always emerging on roads that you didn’t think had any extra room, and people are always in preparation for a festival; for a day of Bhagwan (God). “What were you doing at MG road?”, asks my friend when he hears that I bought fruits from there at 9 p.m. My uncle advises me to take the train home as opposed to the metro, to avoid the musholmaan (Muslim) area. I, on the other hand,…

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Rain in the City of Joy Culture 

Rain in The City of Joy

Unlike other cities, the City of Joy doesn’t come to a standstill when there is a torrential downpour. Instead, the joy is doubled, because nothing beats the gastronomic delight of “gorom gorom khichudi and begun bhaja”. The rains can bring out the footballer in anyone, and wet and muddy football matches suddenly become the order of the day as the sun loses its unequal battle with the clouds. Children set their paper boats a-sail on the waterlogged alleys and engage in euphoric splashes at each other from the puddles on…

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winter in kolkata Culture Featured Open Forum Society Travel & Food 

Why Winter In Kolkata Is Absolutely Amazing…

Kolkata, which otherwise remains unbearably hot and humid in Summer, especially offering a painful experience to natives flying down from a cold region, unbelievably turns into a great weather paradise, gradually with the arrival of November. Seriously, you should not think twice before planning a trip to the City of Joy in the winter months. Wonder why winter in Kolkata is a bliss? There you go. Well, to speak in strict climatological terms, winter in Kolkata is so unlike the winter in Delhi which is beyond endurance. Mind you, Delhi…

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Kolkata flyover collapse Culture Featured Society 

Why do Indians have so many artificial disasters? Recounting the Kanpur accident

The recent Kanpur accident was one of the most horrific of it’s type in recent years. Fourteen coaches of the Indore-Patna Express derailed near Kanpur, turning the bogies into mangled blocks of metal. The accident left nearly 150 casualties, while over 200 people were reported to be injured. A routine journey to come home after many months, or the anticipated trip to a relative’s wedding turned out to be the last journey some of these people ever made. The Kanpur accident was not, however, a one-off disaster. It was actually the…

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The New Mocambo in Town : 10, Downing Street

Just a month after the infamous and scandalous Mocambo-fiasco, another restaurant in the posh IT-hub of Kolkata, allegedly did something on the same lines. A month ago, Mocambo, a famous eatery in Central Kolkata refused an entry to the driver of a lady, on the account of his “dirty clothes”. In the midst of an huge uproar against the unfair ‘classist’ policies of a top restaurant in Kolkata, 10, Downing Street, a relatively new restaurant in East Kolkata takes it to another level in this festive season. On the sixth…

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