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World Health Organisation’s ‘ Let’s Talk ‘ Campaign

April 7th is the World Health Day, as decreed by the World Health Organisation (WHO) , a specialised agency of the United Nations. This year on this day, it launched its anti-depression campaign ‘ Let’s Talk ’. This is a worldwide campaign intended to raise awareness about depression and enable countries to cultivate better facilities to deal with this illness. In India depression carries a social stigma and isn’t viewed as just another bodily illness, but as an unacceptable condition that needs to be brushed under the rug. In a…

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Depression : The new Monster under the bed

“It’s all in your head.” If there is one line that can completely break a person suffering from anxiety or depression, it is this oft-repeated casual dismissal of the problem. In South Asian countries, India being no exception, mental health problems have always been taboo. People feeling low are advised to get over it and go on with their lives. Any suggestion about seeking professional help is absolute sacrilege. After all, log kya kahenge! A prolonged state of desolation and apathy, depression is one of the most common forms of…

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