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A List of Really Bad Movies One Should Watch Before Death

It is said that one has to suffer to create art. While we’re not sure about the art end, both writers for this article did their share of suffering, often in movie theatres where the movie took the backseat in favour of… activities that the RSS most definitely does not encourage. Well, 4/20 may have gone by but what follows is a list of the really bad movies one should watch before death. (of boredom, perhaps, but death is inevitable. ) NOTE: Regulated quantities of the Devil’s Lettuce may be…

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Movie Review: Mohenjodaro

Right from the sets of AGNEEPATH, races out Hrithik Roshan, wearing the same ripped vest and the same agony but with eyes less red, carrying least amount of revenge-hatred and more space for love. And here Ashutosh Gowariker is ready with the set of somewhat like MOHENJODARO as described in the Standard 5 of a State Board school. He has previously tried his architect & historic knowledge in JODHAA-AKBAR too. The best way to watch MOHENJODARO is after watching RUSTOM. You’ll feel like you are watching history in making. Tried…

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