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Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota Culture Society 

Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota

Growing up as a socially inept kid, I’ve always taken my behavioural cues from the people around me when I don’t know how to respond. Most times, it works out for the best. I went to watch ‘ Badrinath ki Dulhania ’ at Cinepolis and this practice failed me for the first time. There is a scene in the movie when the male protagonist Badri is molested in an alley by a group of masked men. The encounter ends with his clothes ending up torn. When his friends arrive at…

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Culture Featured Politics Society 

Central? Censor Board of Film Certification

“Lady-oriented” is a term that had the capacity to be India’s “nasty woman”. As a queer feminist, I delighted in the various implications the phrase has to offer, and it is a phrase with the catchy appeal that legendary taglines are made of. The irony, however, is that it was a term used to suppress, not endorse something – being one of the many objections the Central…err, rather the ” Censor Board of Film Certification ” had to lay on Prakash Jha’s “Lipstick Under My Burkha.” Other objections include “contanious…

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female performers who exist only as their sexual image Culture Featured Society 


Popular culture influences the masses, and is also shaped by the way the masses think. There is art for social change, and there is art that goes along with the prevailing modes of thought held by society at large, trading social responsibility for commercial success. To list female performers whose images exist largely as sexualised ones, it is necessary to clarify that there is nothing wrong with a woman embracing her sexuality. It is, however, important to set down the boundaries between sexual liberation and sexual objectification.What deserves criticism is…

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catalysts of rape culture Culture Featured Society 

Catalysts of Rape Culture – Learn to avoid them

For a country which records around 25000 rape cases every year, the lack of awareness about rape culture and its triggering forces in India is quite alarming. As is the case in most states, Indians find it difficult to accept the presence of a deep-rooted rape culture prevalent in the nooks and corners of the country. Catalysts of rape culture constitutes the lack of awareness as well. The most clichéd arguments one gets to hear is: Not all men are rapists – Obviously, they aren’t; I can’t even think of…

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Sexualisation on the silver screen Culture Featured Society 

The Rampant Sexualisation on the Silver Screen

The year 2016 ended with a trail of nastiness in the world of Indian cinema. Director Suraj of the Tamil action-comedy film “Kaththi Sandai” starring Vishal and Tamannaah claimed that the Tamil audience wanted “glamour” in cinema, and he catered to such demands by making sure that his heroines always wore clothing over the knee. He smugly stated that the heroines could go explore their acting skills elsewhere; commercial cinema needed them just to be “glamorous”. This intensely crude and misogynistic remark left the industry rattled, with the actress Tamannaah…

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systematic abuse of cinematic power Culture Featured Society 

Systematic abuse of cinematic power- Bertolucci and his peers

Should a man be excused if he tries to manifest his artistic adroitness and in process conspires against a young woman and sexually abuses her? Should a man get away with a crime in the name of art? Yes, in this column I’m about to diatribe against the methods of Bernardo Bertolucci and the systematic abuse of cinematic power. In a recent revelation, Bertolucci has gone on record to claim – He along with Marlon Brando connived to deviate from the script and use butter as a lubricant while shooting…

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Culture Featured Open Forum Society 

Feminism: A Misconception(?)

I was having a conversation with one of my uncles, where I mentioned that I am a feminist. He looked at me. After a pause of few seconds he laughed and said “Everyone’s a feminist nowadays. They are not even aware of the proper meaning of the term. Neither am I. It seems like the meaning changes according to convenience. Also, don’t you think the idea is too western? Is it really applicable in this country?” I wasn’t surprised. He was correct. To an extent, not entirely. People do not…

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tomboy Open Forum Society 

From a Tomboy to make-up

The kohl was applied with great care, careful not to smudge the otherwise straight line or “skew” it up. They used to call it ‘collyrium’ back then, when Mohenjo Daro and Harappa were just two cities, yet to be reduced to a series of ‘cuts’ and ‘retakes’ and crocodiles swooshing in the air. Perhaps, this deliberation on the idea of beginning an article with kohl came from the fact that nowadays we have two distinct categories – one looking down upon the other in contempt. The first, generally being a self…

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Qandeel Baloch fighting patriarchy Featured Society 

When I was told Patriarchy keeps me “decent”

Two days before Qandeel Baloch was killed, I was told by a family member that women, once the patriarchy loosens it grip on them, often “misbehave”. Act improperly. Dress immodestly. Chug down immense amounts of alcohol. Act in a hundred ways to ensure they invite trouble. Trouble.  A loaded word. Trouble in the form of sexual advances, presumably, from the nameless faceless men whose lust the unabashed women dare arouse by being themselves, unanchored by patriarchy and it dictates. Qandeel Baloch, however, was not a woman who waited for the…

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