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Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota

Growing up as a socially inept kid, I’ve always taken my behavioural cues from the people around me when I don’t know how to respond. Most times, it works out for the best. I went to watch ‘ Badrinath ki Dulhania ’ at Cinepolis and this practice failed me for the first time. There is a scene in the movie when the male protagonist Badri is molested in an alley by a group of masked men. The encounter ends with his clothes ending up torn. When his friends arrive at…

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Outrage against an insensitive meme on the Nirbhaya Rape Case

Yesterday, a rather insensitive meme on the Nirbhaya Rape case was widely circulated and criticised for its content on social media. A dank meme page on Facebook, Designated Shitting Memes 6.0, published a meme which made fun of the victim of the 2012 gang rape case in Delhi, which shook the nation.     On the 12th of December, 2012, a medical college student was gang raped and physically tortured in the capital by four men. The incident sparked a major unrest in the country and abroad, where citizens came…

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Catalysts of Rape Culture – Learn to avoid them

For a country which records around 25000 rape cases every year, the lack of awareness about rape culture and its triggering forces in India is quite alarming. As is the case in most states, Indians find it difficult to accept the presence of a deep-rooted rape culture prevalent in the nooks and corners of the country. Catalysts of rape culture constitutes the lack of awareness as well. The most clichéd arguments one gets to hear is: Not all men are rapists – Obviously, they aren’t; I can’t even think of…

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Dramatically Correct ‘s ‘Persistence of Memory’

The integration of rape culture in our system is a fact that is not relatively unknown, but rather one, that is deliberately avoided. The effects of which has been pervasive, and entrenching in our society, consequently, giving rise to an apparatus that boosts criminal instincts, and fosters its perpetrators. Dramatically Correct ‘s ‘Persistence of Memory’ raises some serious issues on the ingrained notions of our society, the blatant hypocrisy, and finally, the moral decadence of an already failing educated class. 9th of November will be a memorable evening for me….

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When I was told : Not even good enough to be raped

There was something seriously wrong with the way I was brought up or maybe I miss out on certain points made by the norms around me. Maybe because I am a bit dim-witted or maybe I am oblivious to my “culture” which upholds patriarchy in the name of religion, misogyny in the name of art, and body-shaming in the name of humour. And for some, I believe that directly makes me a person who lacks morals, and is a slut? The memory of Rupa Ganguly slut-shaming female students from Jadavpur…

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