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Satyajit Ray Apu trilogy Movies 

Satyajit Ray: A love letter to Art

“Not to have seen the cinema of Ray means existing in the world without seeing the sun or the moon” – Akira Kurosawa Art as a form and subject is an integration of impulses and consciousness. The main desire is to embark a conversation with the emotions of the viewer. In 1948, an unknown young man criticising Indian cinema and filmmakers for not grasping the new media, and fulfilling the purpose of the subject, wrote in a newspaper- “The raw material of cinema is life itself”. Few years down the…

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feluda Culture Literature 

A Tribute to our favourite sleuth at 50 : Feluda

Exactly fifty years ago, the maestro Satyajit Ray created Pradosh C. Mitter aka Feluda. The six-foot, dapper detective who possessed the most brilliant of minds, made his ever-lasting appearance fifty years ago and has lived with us ever since. His profound interest in trivia, unconventional ways of solving the mystery and of course, dry wit left us all mesmerized. In the last 50 years, we have seen Pradosh C.Mitter in books, graphic novel adaptations, radio plays, theatres, televisions and not to forget, in blockbuster films wherein the great actors such…

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Ray 's female characters, Durga Featured Movies 

Ray ‘s female characters : A Sharp Conflict

Ray knew how to make films . He knew how to tell a true story . He explored the country romanticism . He showed the veiled darkness of the cosmopolitan world . With his venerable film legacy he told the extraordinary social and psychological struggle of human existence . However this essay intends to look into a very interesting facet of this master filmmaker – the portrayal of woman characters. How baffling it is to contemplate that the person who, with utter competence and subtlety ,has explored the psyche of…

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