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Why is Incest a Global Taboo?

A few years ago I came across a piece of news which disclosed the unconventional relationship between a Zimbabwean widow and her son. Apparently, after her husband’s death, the lady had been pregnant with her son’s child and the couple was planning to get married in the due course of time. Furthermore, what also did not escape my notice is the indignation on social media about the entire saga.  Social taboos have always made me question its validity. Incest happens to be one of the society’s most sacred and close-guarded…

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Virginity: Taboo or Not?

In a world dominated by technology and capitalism, we all have gained access over areas which helped us renovate our thoughts and banish the conservative rules imposed by the society. We did remove all the tags of ancient rules, and learned to swim in the river of westernization. Hence, the scenario today is: “Be cool or you’re a fool.” Relationships are really not predictable. They can screw you or they can take you to a place we call “paradise.” The present generation believes in sex before marriage, there can be exceptions though….

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