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Campus Politics in Kolkata JU Culture Featured Politics Society 

Campus Politics in Kolkata- Rebellion or idealisation?

Campus politics in Kolkata is often viewed in a negative light by parents in the households of the state. It is seen as a wasteful use of time that might be ‘better spent’ on academics. Yet year after year, seniors come in with anecdotes of how they too were forewarned, and ignoring this warning was the best decision they ever made, recruiting freshers into the same narrative. Politics is not a dirty word. We have grown up, seeing the government and their representatives as a conglomeration of the power wielding…

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Stuck in the Lobby by Stage Struck – Reviewed

Stage Struck’s Stuck In The Lobby is, in the simplest terms, a project of high ambition, sought to be achieved by a recipe of humble enough ingredients. The concoction comprises a stripped down setting signifying a hotel lobby, a time span of three days, a set of characters of amusing idiosyncrasies and a simple storyline. The ultimate ambition, however, is to sneak into the simplicity of narration, commentary on modern human existence, and on the harmonies and conflicts that constitute the fabric of contemporary society.     A sudden storm…

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Natak Company Culture Featured 

A Quick Word About The Natak Company

A group of individuals passionate about theatre, took the tough road ahead and decided to dedicate their time and talent in building a group which would perform plays which are honest and different and appealing to both the masses and the eclectics. Seven years later, Natak Company stands tall as one of the best theatre troupes in the country, even with an average age of a paltry 25 years. Their fuel being their unwavering passion. The happiness that they find from their work being the additional push. Natak Company was…

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A History of Butchers Culture Literature 

10 Reasons to watch M.A.D’s “A History of Butchers”

An attempted transcreation of Albert Camus’ “The Just Assassins” had its premiere on the 30th of July at Gyan Manch. Mad About Drama’s play ” A History of Butchers ” is set to perform again on the 3rd of February at the same venue as a part of The National Theatre Exchange Chapter-2. The audience members from the last two productions of this show simply couldn’t stop raving about this play, and the evening of the third offers nothing different. Read :- A HIstory of Butchers : A timeless narrative A…

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female performers who exist only as their sexual image Culture Featured Society 


Popular culture influences the masses, and is also shaped by the way the masses think. There is art for social change, and there is art that goes along with the prevailing modes of thought held by society at large, trading social responsibility for commercial success. To list female performers whose images exist largely as sexualised ones, it is necessary to clarify that there is nothing wrong with a woman embracing her sexuality. It is, however, important to set down the boundaries between sexual liberation and sexual objectification.What deserves criticism is…

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Sexualisation on the silver screen Culture Featured Society 

The Rampant Sexualisation on the Silver Screen

The year 2016 ended with a trail of nastiness in the world of Indian cinema. Director Suraj of the Tamil action-comedy film “Kaththi Sandai” starring Vishal and Tamannaah claimed that the Tamil audience wanted “glamour” in cinema, and he catered to such demands by making sure that his heroines always wore clothing over the knee. He smugly stated that the heroines could go explore their acting skills elsewhere; commercial cinema needed them just to be “glamorous”. This intensely crude and misogynistic remark left the industry rattled, with the actress Tamannaah…

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With Love Calcutta Culture Literature Society 

With Love Calcutta at the National Theatre Exchange

Right from the build-up stages of the event, my enthusiasm and excitement for this project has not been a secret, sparkling everywhere through my posts, or my articles. And now that it is over, I feel hunted by the spirit of nostalgia, and the reminiscence of the suspense, the work load, and the deadlines! Most of my acquaintances and friends who were promised a nice time at the Theatre Exchange were not left disappointed. Till this day, my whatsapp and facebook message inboxes are being flooded with Thank You notes,…

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Dramatically Correct Culture Featured Society 

Dramatically Correct ‘s ‘Persistence of Memory’

The integration of rape culture in our system is a fact that is not relatively unknown, but rather one, that is deliberately avoided. The effects of which has been pervasive, and entrenching in our society, consequently, giving rise to an apparatus that boosts criminal instincts, and fosters its perpetrators. Dramatically Correct ‘s ‘Persistence of Memory’ raises some serious issues on the ingrained notions of our society, the blatant hypocrisy, and finally, the moral decadence of an already failing educated class. 9th of November will be a memorable evening for me….

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Theatre in the city : A History of Butchers

Mad About Drama, a national performing arts company, staged their debut production of A History of Butchers on the 29th of July, followed by another show on the 5th of August. Here is the review of the play from one of the members of the audience.   Play: A History of Butchers by Mad About Drama, Kolkata. A couple of hours, well spent. I am a bit of an addict when it comes to theatre. Good, bad, indifferent, famous, unheard-of, big productions, medium or small, I tend to end up trying…

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