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five relatively less popular cafes in South Kolkata Travel & Food 

The Top Five Relatively Less Popular Cafes in South Kolkata

Coffee – the brewed drink prepared by the perfect concoction of some seeds of the coffee plant, water and maybe some dairy add-ons. But as far as relaxation is concerned, coffee is that liquid hug to your brain in both good and bad times, incomparable to any other way out.

This worldwide heartthrob has been subtly popular in the kolkatan air, initially through the nostalgic Coffee House in the College Street area. Time brought to us the other famous rooms of Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Mezzuna. But apart from these highly popular places, Kolkata is flooded with lots of humble, satisfying, yet infamous coffee joints. So dear explorers, this article helps you know about five relatively less popular cafes in South Kolkata that really desire your important visit.


  • The M. U. D. Cafe, 174E, Rashbehari Avenue

For the old school Bengalis, this place is remembered as the residence of Debabrata Biswas, a great Indian vocalist though there is another focus on the address due to the M. U. D. Cafe.



The ambience in the first place will melt all your stress right when you enter. The oriental interior, the wall decor will surely enthral. Surely, you’ll never be angry if your partner arrives late here. Place any order – anything is worth it. The coffee delicacies are the must-haves including the M. U. D. special pasta dish and the Chicken Mexican sandwich. You can never be aware how Biswas’ vocals blend in your mood.


  •  Crossroad Cafe,Tollygunge


five relatively less popular cafes in South Kolkata


40/1, Prince Anwar Shah Road Designed perfectly for an amazing atmosphere, the place is anything but a regular cafe. Those walls painted half in bricklike texture gives you the perfect earthly mood and fosters your relaxation to another level. This cosy family cafe specialises in Italian and Mexican where the Risotto stands on the top of all the other items. Keeping in mind the modern trends, the cafe is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi and even your favourite selfie props!


  •  Brewich Cafe, Prince Anwar shah road

It is never late to start admiring that narrow entrance and those sweet little stairs which will finally lead you to the warm, small, homely cafe. Devoid of junk decoration, even the water bottles here are good-looking! Brewich serves you the best when you want to feed yourself good, even in the times of light wallets. Try out any dish, none will disappoint you. When you hold the cup of hot chocolate and inhale the aroma of melting cocoa, your taste buds are already dripping wet.


five relatively less popular cafes in South Kolkata


Finally, when you take a sip, your eyes close with ardour and you are now in the seventh heaven. Their cold coffee served in the bulb-shaped mug is another special mention. This cafe can also give you a small chamber where you can personalise your group-time from the rest of the world. And as you fall deep with the harmony of the chime, you would hear them say,” Take Life One Cup at a Time”.


  •  Choco Cafe, Prince Anwar shah road

As the name implies, this cafe is a perfect blend of chocolate and coffee, the two lovebirds of your tummy. The main success lies when you start to prefer this small cheerful, charming, chocolaty cafe to the huge, exotic, popular South City Mall lying just opposite the foot. If chocolate attracts you enough with coffee alongside, you are bound to stop by the brewing brown theme of the cafe decor.


five relatively less popular cafes in South Kolkata


The wooden get-up inside gives you that feel of elegance just like that. Apart from the vegan sandwiches, the Frappuccino, brownie; each coffee item is special. And as they say, “It is never too late for latte”! The ambience of the room makes it the best place to create the perfect first date impression. After all, Coffee is in the air!


  • Woodstock 1969, Kalighat

The name only explains the theme of the cafe. Woodstock is a place where u can sit back and enjoy the retro, western classic and homely atmosphere. The joint mainly features the collection of lost gems of Kolkata which is really unique. Though it doesn’t look like a cafe from outside, but once you enter, the food served can prove its worth. The special items are listed by Shonpapdi Shake (doesn’t that sound interesting?), Pork Bhunia Pao, Mexican Lamb wrap, and last but not the least, THE BUTTERBEER! (Especially for the Harry Potter fans)

You really sink deep in the mood with that amazing retro playlist that probably no other cafe can give you. Another unique feature is replacing “No Entry” sign as “Forbidden Forest” – the sweetest manner ever can be. Very purely they make you realise that 2017 is never late for 1969.

These are the five relatively less popular cafes in South Kolkata, about whom you won’t find a lot on the internet, and those who lack the brouhaha that others are blessed with. So, after all the information that zomato won’t tell you, your inquisitive mind can anytime travel to one of these, each time you feel tired of big famous cafes. These unexplored coffee-bean residences could add those millions of extra smiles to the City of Joy.

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