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Virginity: Taboo or Not?

In a world dominated by technology and capitalism, we all have gained access over areas which helped us renovate our thoughts and banish the conservative rules imposed by the society. We did remove all the tags of ancient rules, and learned to swim in the river of westernization. Hence, the scenario today is: “Be cool or you’re a fool.”

Relationships are really not predictable. They can screw you or they can take you to a place we call “paradise.” The present generation believes in sex before marriage, there can be exceptions though. I am not saying that sex before marriage is a sin, it (sex before marriage) should not even be considered one; when you feel like you may have it.
But when we come across people who have sex, what do they (people who are not virgin) feel about us? Inexperienced? Immature? Or they may feel the opposite, it is a bit complicated. What about the ones who did not have sex, how do they feel? Stupid, that they could not achieve anything? Terrified? Jealous? The two classes that face each other are: the ones who aren’t virgin and the ones who are. Who prevails? I am not being Karl Marx, I do not even want to be. I am just giving a few probabilities that take place which we are unaware of.

After a survey, I would like to divide my answer into three categories: Yes, No and Choice of living.

‘No’ from women who generally belong to the rural society. One of my female friends said, “It actually depends on the society. Society considers men to be sexually experienced and women to be pure.” One of the male friends told me, “Virginity is too mainstream.” These two different answers can take us to two whole different worlds. Women who answered this question brought society into the picture, whereas male friends called it to be “A choice of living.” Although, one of my female friends had the same opinion as my other male friends have. Hence, her answer came in this way, “I feel sex to be more than pleasure. Hence for me it’s a choice of living.” Although remarkably, my gay friends said that, “Yes, depends on the person. But losing it (virginity) will be exploring a new adventure in life.” Sex has always been a long discussed topic all through the years, after human civilisation came to existence in terms of law, culture and progression. Society and Gender make a huge contribution in shaping the answer to the question this article is based on.
After ransacking a few newspaper blogs and a few sites, I came across a shocking observation: Small town women have sex for the first time in their pre-teens, compared to 13 percent in the metros. As many as 42 percent women in small towns have sex two-three times a week, and even on the kissing front, a higher percentage than that in the metros have kissed between 12 and 21 years of age. Wow, rural women start to beat urban women in the field of sex. GOOD GOING, I say.

“Virginity isn’t a big deal for us.”

Say 63% of Indians. Good to see that our minds are somewhat washed, although the results came from the prime places of our country but the observation I made from the rural area makes me say that may be we overlook all the norms, rules that society puts on us since childhood. May be we just focus on what our hormones make us do? (That is why we are called teenagers.) I went across the globe and found out that the USA and the UK beat us here too, their percentage is much higher. Pakistan, and places where sex is considered highly secretive maintain their so-called chastity. Although, exceptions are there.
But focusing on my country is my main intention. Hence few people (Indian friends) also said, “I will rather wait for my marriage.” “Sex is more than a physical act, at least for me.” We cannot call them backdated or stupid, or inexperienced. It is their choice, and we cannot question that. No matter how educated we are or how much we adapt to western thoughts, the decision to stay virgin depends on the individual.
You might say, my question is stupid or not at all relevant but after all the data I came across, I must say, it is your choice, and nothing should be considered taboo. The more you wear the tag of westernization the more you start to burn the word taboo. Whether you stay virgin or not is your choice. The ones who are lost in the world of sex, might tell you “It is sad to stay virgin” Actually, it is up to you. I always think out of the box, if losing virginity is the new trend, I’ll maintain my chastity.


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